NetSuite Work Order Spool Field Customization


An Electrical Supply Store in the United States had a custom requirement on New Transaction Line Fields Populated in Related Work Order for the assembly line item that ends in ‘–B’ items.


One of our clients had a custom requirement to populate the number of spools and length of spools fields when the work order is created based on the assembly line item ends in ‘-B’ item from the sales order. 

They denoted the assembly line items as ‘–B’ and their component items as ‘-MR’. An assembly item is an inventory item consisting of various components but recognized as a single item. The assembly items are manufactured through combining the stocked raw materials. 

That is when a customer orders a custom cable, denoted with a ‘-B’ at the end of the item name or number. The client would like to track the ‘number of spools’ and the ‘length of spools’ that the customer orders to be made into two new Transaction Line Fields, ‘no of spools’ and ‘length of spools’. This will help the client understand the total quantity ordered. 

Therefore, we have to make these fields populate from the specific ‘-B’ item on the sales order to the specific component item on the work order that is denoted with ‘-MR’ at the end.


In order to fulfil the requirements, our developers deployed a script in the work order record. The script will run in the create context of the work order record. Thus, when a sales order is created and approved, a work order is also created. Simultaneously, the deployed script will be executed in work order. This will retrieve the field values for the number of spools from the assembly line-item that ends with ‘-B’, and these values will be filled in the work order for the corresponding line-item that ends with ‘-MR’.   


One of the major challenges we faced was when we updated the number of spools and length of spools in the sales order once it was completed, the related work order field would not get updated. Another challenge was that the standalone work order fields would not get updated as we do not have a related sales order.   


Our experts met the requirements successfully. Now the field values of the number of spools and length of spools from the assembly line-item are simultaneously filled in the work order for the corresponding line-item that ends with ‘-MR’.

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