NetSuite Zendesk Integration


Zendesk is powerful and flexible customer service and engagement platform provides an alternative providing Netsuite access to all employees in a large organization. Netsuite-Zendesk Integration platform synchronizes both Netsuite and Zendesk cloud environments.

Netsuite ERP with Zendesk Integration is essential to manage all customers under one platform.

Our client approached us to get an effective solution that Integrates Netsuite ERP with Zendesk’s platform to maintain all the purchase orders and transaction information on both platforms.

Netsuite has limited login access or alternatively, the client has to pay more for getting more logins for employees. Our client is a US-based company with around 2000 employees making it a nonfeasible goal to give this much of Netsuite logins for all employees. The solution was obviously the integrated solution for deeper customer management; this becomes the Netsuite Zendesk Integration. Hence this integration platform provides a Zendesk account and that account is used to save purchase orders and sales orders. By this integration, any transaction details of Netsuite in Zendesk can be derived.

Furthermore, our Client uses Netsuite as a reliable source of success for their digital business to boost their organization’s team efficiency and to streamline their internal processes. It becomes more cost-effective to have an integration with one of the cost-effective e-commerce platforms such as Zendesk.


Our client requires an integrated solution to synchronize Netsuite ERP and Zendesk to save all the purchase orders and sales orders from Netsuite to Zendesk. As a result, to maintain long-term customer loyalty, our client has to meet all their customer expectations with high scalability. To achieve that, our client requested our highly qualified professional Netsuite developers team to provide a unique and efficient solution for integrating Netsuite with Zendesk.

The needs of our client embedded within the need to gain access for all their employees into Netsuite. It is an expensive feat to get Netsuite login for each employee. A Zendesk account is essential if they will get all the transaction details of Netsuite. They also require to sync back data from Zendesk to Netsuite.

Challenges of integration of Netsuite-Zendesk Integration

Creating a scheduled script to synchronize the data in both the platforms was somewhat complex for our developer team. Syncing Zendesk tickets to NetSuite Cases also makes integration a challenging task.

Our solution for the Integration of Netsuite-Zendesk Integration

Our developer team proposes a solution that uses Zendesk REST API for integrating NetSuite ERP and Zendesk to save all the purchase orders from NetSuite to Zendesk. Hence, the integrated solution will automatically update the purchase orders to and from NetSuite and Zendesk at specified time intervals.

For NetSuite-Zendesk Integration, our team uses NetSuite suite scripts which serves to create employee records. These scripts will take the NetSuite data like item, department, classification and vendor details then push the data to Zendesk account.

The NetSuite data is populating through saved search functionality of  NetSuite. It creates searches for items, departments, classes, and vendors and retrieves the names, internal ids, display names etc for the corresponding data.

Zendesk connector avoids the overhead associated with this integration. And provides a highly comprehensive solution for the integration between these cloud services. This API automates the syncing Zendesk tickets with NetSuite.


Finally, we delivered an exceptional solution for the client’s requirements for integrating Zendesk’s with NetSuite ERP. The robust and flexible Platform of Zendesk helps to save all the purchase orders and sales orders from NetSuite to Zendesk. While doing this integration, we create a Zendesk account which will save the purchase orders and sales orders from Netsuite.

Therefore, Zendesk is a CRM platform that can manage valuable customer data. It stores data in one place and that can access easily from anywhere at any time. Also, REST provides a good integration platform with Netsuite.

The NetSuite ERP integration with Zendesk platform enables a better environment for customer support and provides a back office visibility directly from NetSuite and Zendesk. Finally, Zendesk is a platform for easy customer service. It supports the ticket system as well. While this integration helps our client to extract greater value from NetSuite and they can operate with absolute confidence.