Use of PLP Image Hover Extension in SuiteCommerce


PLP ( product list page)  Image Hover is one of the best performing SuiteCommerce extensions with exceptional capabilities to increase sales. It is an important tool for product marketing. This extension is having universal applicability. It can be applied to any eCommerce website of a different business nature. This extended feature allows the user to provide several alternative views of the same product, while the customer is hovering over a product image.

By default, the customer can view the image on a single-phase. The user will receive the following benefits with this added feature. The customer gets a detailed view of the same product. This gradually increases the likelihood of product purchasing by the customer. Furthermore, enhances the transparency of buying goods and services through the SCA website. Similarly, users can provide product images of different angels, box images with packing features, etc- PLP Image Hover extension helps to mark the best outcomes in business and product marketing.

Advanced features of PLP Image Hover

PLP Image Hover extension providing you advanced features to get a better business advantage.

  1. Multiple images
  2. Customer Engagement
  3. Large marketing scope


The users can upload multiple product images to the PLP of the same product. For instance, Customers can access different images of the product by implementing this PLP Image Hover extension. While looking at this from a customer perspective which enlarges the scope of buying a product with satisfactory judgment by seeing diverse aspects on the same image from a user perspective thus increases the sales, therefore business.

This extension is established as a better tool for optimizing the business through image displays of products. It enlarges the scope and opportunity to market products through the SCA website.  And it is a universal tool that can be applied to any website if they desired to lead the business world.

Installation and procedure

You can avail of this facility by performing some less sophisticated steps after the installation and activation.  

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