Simplify Email Remittance for NetSuite Bill and Vendor Prepayment


One of our clients, a leading marketing company that helps companies market their brands, business valuation during exit, and consultancy, had a requirement to implement a button on their Bill payment record and Vendor prepayment record. The company acquires and partners with the top-performing Amazon sellers and brands. The company is based in Paris, France.   


Our client required us to add a button Send Email Remittance on the Bill payment record and Vendor prepayment record. They also wanted us to send emails to the corresponding recipients with the required details. 


Our developers satisfied the requirements through workflow and script. They added a button named Send Email Remittance to the Bill Payment record and Vendor Prepayment record. On clicking the button, the email with the bill details, and corresponding currency is sent to the corresponding vendor and an email is sent as BCC if the bill belongs to the supply chain department.   


One of the major risks our developers faced while satisfying the requirement was that when they edit the subtab, even the unchecked bills were sent through the mail. They resolved it while updating the script.   


Our experts fulfilled the requirement successfully through creating the button and sending emails to the required recipients.   

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