Resale Certificate Management in SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA)

One of our US based clients with whom we developed a SuiteCommerce Advanced site, had a custom requirement on implementing an option for managing and uploading a resale certificate for the clients.


Our client required us to add an option in the registration portal of their customers to upload certificates for the existing customers and for the newly registering customers, an option to upload their certificates during the account creation.


Our specialists examined the details of the requirements and provided the solution by adding an option to upload the resale certificate. Existing customers now have an option to upload the certificate if they have not uploaded it yet. While clicking on the upload certificate button a form will pop up on the screen and the clients can fill the form and sign on the canvas area provided for signature. On submission, the certificate is added to the customer record. Notably, newly registered customers can easily upload the certificate in the registration page without any hassle. Further, if the logged in customer has already uploaded the certificate, only the “download certificate” button will be displayed, if not, the system will display an upload certificate button.


The implementation was successful and both the existing and new users can now upload their resale certificates effortlessly and can download it if they require.