Limit Order Processing for Customers with Insufficient Deposits

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Business transactions can be complex, involving the allocation of funds across various resources, platforms, and pre-purchased products. What if you could efficiently track these transactions, limiting customers with overdue or pending funds from placing new orders? This case study explores how we automated order processing for multiple customers based on predefined criteria.

Client Portfolio  

An appliance superstore based in the USA approached us to customize their order processing for their day-to-day operations. They sought a solution to set criteria for processing orders placed by their customers. Efficient order processing is crucial, especially when dealing with a large inventory of home appliance products and services, to maintain well-accounted customers and smoothen business operations.

Problem Statement 

Our client wanted to improve their sales order process by implementing customizations aligned with their business requirements. Specifically, they aimed to customize NetSuite inventory item commitment and sales order processing based on predefined criteria. This included evaluating customer deposit amounts to ensure that orders are processed only for accounts meeting specified criteria, thereby optimizing order fulfillment and mitigating risks associated with overdue accounts.

What We Suggested

We proposed a detailed solution which includes both real-time and scheduled commitment processes to efficiently manage inventory item commitments and sales order processing. Our suggestions included:

1. Customized Commitment Criteria:

* Define criteria for inventory item commitment based on customer deposit amounts and other specified parameters. 

* Establish ranges and conditions for order processing eligibility, such as customer deposit thresholds and exceptions for specific scenarios (e.g., high deposit ratios).

2. Individual Item Evaluation: 

* Implement criteria evaluation on a per-item basis to ensure precise order processing, particularly in cases of multiple items within a single sales order.

3. Exception Handling: 

* Configure exceptions for different brands or designated customers to accommodate unique business requirements. 

* Incorporate provisions for real-time updates and scheduled processing to handle returns and credits promptly.

4. Decommitting Option: 

* Introduce a decommitting mechanism to reverse commitments for undelivered or uncollected items, automatically triggered after a specified time period. 

* Enable manual decommitting upon request, providing flexibility in managing order commitments.



One of the primary challenges encountered during this customization was Complex Criteria Management. Balancing the need for flexibility without compromising commitment criteria across various customer segments and product categories involved multiple script functionalities. However, our team was capable of resolving this challenge in an efficient and speedy manner.

Customer Success

By utilizing the customized commitment criteria solution, our client achieved notable success in optimizing their sales order process:

 Improved Order Accuracy: 

  • Enhanced accuracy in order processing by ensuring orders are fulfilled only for customers with sufficient deposits or account balances, reducing errors and customer dissatisfaction.


Efficient Fund Management: 

  • Simplified fund management through automated notifications for pending accounts, enabling timely resolution of overdue payments and improved cash flow management.


Customer Satisfaction: 

  • Increased customer satisfaction by prioritizing orders for accounts with well-maintained deposit balances, thereby building stronger relationships with valued customers.


Key Achievements:  

* Sped up auto-committing of orders 

* Faster deposit of refunded orders

Way Forward

Moving forward, customizing inventory commitments for NetSuite items enabled our client to automate order processing for the right customers in an efficient, faster way. They can now set limits on each item for their wide range of customers, improving operations. 

Are you looking to automate order processing in your business operations? Need to set criteria for committing items for your different customers? Contact us today to improve your operations with our automated solution.