All About BigQuery to NetSuite Reverse Extract Load Integration

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Client Portfolio

With the aim of setting up an efficient billing process, a prominent USA-based AI (Artificial Intelligence) enterprise translation solution approached Jobin & Jismi. With multiple global locations, they sought an effective solution to automate invoice creation and eliminate manual work. 

Problem Statement 

Our client faced a significant challenge in ensuring efficiency in their billing process. Managing multiple platforms with Salesforce as the primary CRM tool proved challenging for maintaining a seamless business process. The manual effort needed to download Salesforce data and import it into NetSuite as CSV files for invoice creation was time-consuming and errorprone. The necessity for an efficient solution was evident, given the complexity of handling data across different platforms.

They utilized Fivetran and the Hightouch system for connectivity between their platforms. Fivetran, an automated data movement tool, efficiently transfers data to, from, and between cloud data platforms. It was chosen for its prowess in connection synchronization and data transfer, minimizing API calls. Hightouch facilitates data transfer from any data warehouse into the business system. Google BigQuery, a cloud-based big data analytics web service, processes massive read-only data sets effectively.

What We Suggested

As the ETL (Extract Transform Load) process was already synchronized between NetSuite data and BigQuery via Fivetran, we proposed the reverse ETL method. This involves syncing data back to NetSuite for creating invoices and thus running real-time reports. The ETL process entails sending comprehensive details from NetSuite, including transactions, products, and customer data, to BigQuery through Fivetran. Simultaneously, Reverse ETL ensures data flows from BigQuery back to NetSuite using the HighTouch system. Notably, BigQuery holds not only Salesforce CRM data but also information from multiple platforms crucial for business operations. 

The Process comprises: 

Multiple Connections: The initial stage involved integrating NetSuite with BigQuery. For ETL, the connection was established via Fivetran, and for reverse ETL, HighTouch served as an intermediate. 

Data linking: Despite no direct connection between Salesforce and NetSuite, the fields of both platforms were synced. Salesforce Accounts became customers in NetSuite, Products transformed into Items, and Opportunities converted to Invoices. The mappings, however, were configured through the HighTouch platform. 

Invoice creation: As opportunities were created in Salesforce, they traversed multiple systems and were stored in BigQuery. Through Reverse ETL, corresponding invoices were generated in NetSuite, providing users with accurate bills based on their purchases. 


The NetSuite integration required meticulous handling of data from Salesforce, BigQuery, and other platforms. Coordinating these various systems and ensuring accurate data integration and mappings posed initial hurdles. Additionally, adapting the existing workflow to the new automated processes required careful planning and execution to avoid disruptions. 

Customer Success 

By implementing our solution, the client achieved several key benefits such as:

Process Automation: We replaced the time-consuming manual data downloads and imports with automated ETL and Reverse ETL processes. 

Speedier Invoicing: The client experienced a significant reduction in the time required for invoice and report generation, resulting in a more efficient billing cycle. 

Accuracy Improvement: Data syncing between platforms ensured accurate translation of bills, enhancing the precision of customer transactions. 

Key Achievements

Reduced manual tasks by 80%  

Speed up the billing process

Way Forward 

The implementation of ETL and Reverse ETL processes not only addressed the client’s billing challenges but also created a more straightforward and efficient business operation. The integration of BigQuery into NetSuite, utilizing Salesforce data via Fivetran and HighTouch systems, marks a significant milestone in improving data management and expediting critical business processes. 
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