Having Multilingual Support for SuiteCommerce Site with NetSuite

Logistics | USA


Client Portfolio

A US-based leader in procurement services reached out to Jobin & Jismi to convert their SuiteCommerce website into a multilingual site. They optimize and monetize the purchasing and supply management of large industries around the world. 

Problem Statement

Our client was looking to expand its global reach by offering its SuiteCommerce Standard (SCS) website in multiple languages. Their primary goal was to enhance the user experience by allowing customers to switch between English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages smoothly. They approached us to find a solution that would enable the translation of all website content and pages based on the user’s language selection. 

What We Suggested 

To meet the client’s multilingual requirements, we proposed implementing a language Selector extension for their NetSuite SuiteCommerce Standard website. This extension would allow customers to easily switch between English, Spanish, and Portuguese, ensuring a tailor-made experience for each language preference.  

Our solution involved the following steps: 

1. Multilanguage Selector: We recommended adding a language selector dropdown in the website’s header, enabling users to choose their preferred language. The selected language would be stored as a user preference.

2. Item Import in NetSuite: The details of over two lakh items have been added to the translation tab, based on the required languages. If additional languages need to be included in the future, users can achieve this by importing item descriptions in the desired language.

3. Language-Specific Pages: The translation will be done to all the pages on the website including the homepage, storefront, and other information changes. These pages would automatically load based on the user’s language preference, providing a continuity in experience. 


Implementing multilanguage support in a SuiteCommerce Standard website presented several challenges: 

Single Domain: Since the website operates on a single domain, it inherently supports only one language. To accommodate multiple languages, we have customized it by adding an extension for handling multiple languages. 

User Preferences: Storing and managing user language preferences and ensuring the website remembered their choice for future visits without the need for repeated selection. 

Customer Success

By implementing our solution, the client achieved several key benefits which include: 

Enhanced User Experience: Customers could now easily switch between English, Spanish, and Portuguese, making the website more accessible to a wider audience.

Language Additions: Any newly added languages in NetSuite can now be quickly reflected on the website, ensuring that up-to-date language options are available.

Increased Global Reach: With a multilingual site, the client expanded its reach into Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets, leading to an increase in international sales.

Improved SEO: Multilingual content improved the website’s search engine optimization, making it more discoverable to users searching in their native languages.

Key Achievements: 

30% Increase in International Sales

Increased customer satisfaction

Improved search engine visibility in diverse language markets 

Way Forward 

The implementation of a Multilanguage Selector extension in NetSuite SuiteCommerce Standard successfully transformed our client’s website into a Multilingual Site, enabling them to tap into new markets and enhance user satisfaction. Whether you require minor updates or in-depth consultations, Jobin & Jismi is fully equipped to support you in every possible way.