Shopify NetSuite Integration using Celigo


One of our UK-based clients in the furniture industry had a requirement to integrate NetSuite with Shopify through Celigo (iPaas connector). 


The key requirements of our client were to synchronize orders, customers, inventory stock and fulfillment details from Shopify to NetSuite.


Our developers analyzed the requirements and attained the solution using Shopify NetSuite Integration App in Celigo

1. Imports/Updates Customers from Shopify to NetSuite 

Customer information from Shopify flows into NetSuite and is verified. if the customer is new a customer record is created in NetSuite and if it is an existing customer, NetSuite only creates a Sales Order. 

2. Imports Sales Orders from Shopify to NetSuite

Sales Orders from Shopify is verified in NetSuite and if the customer does not exist a new customer record as well as a Sales Order is created in NetSuite simultaneously. 

3. Exports Fulfillments from NetSuite to Shopify

Once the Sales Order is fulfilled in NetSuite it is further exported to Shopify.

4. Exports Inventory Levels from NetSuite to Shopify 

The NetSuite to shopify was already set up beforehand. Our developers were able to customize it with the requirements of our client which included handling dropship quantity + Available quantity together.  

Another challenge that our experts solved was by creating a preorder date field in NetSuite. Through this, NetSuite will automatically preorder items according to availability and stock levels. 


The integration was successful and requirements were met without complications. Our client now enjoys the seamless integration of Shopify with NetSuite.  

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