NetSuite SuiteCommerce Customization for Subsidiary Based Item Control


Client Portfolio

An Australian supplier of various types of construction tools, including hand & diamond hardware, safety products and workwear, approached us to customize their website. The client having a global presence wanted an effective solution for customization by hiding specific items based on subsidiary.  


Problem Statement

The client wanted to make specific items unavailable for purchase in one of their subsidiaries while continuing to put them up for sale in others. It was important that this customization had to reflect in their existing system without disrupting ongoing transactions. Removing the item-level subsidiary wasn’t an option, as existing transactions in NetSuite relied on it. Thus, there was the need to have a tailor-made solution.

What We Suggested 

To meet the client’s SuiteCommerce customization needs, our team of experts proposed a solution that enhances subsidiary-based item control. This involved checkboxes within NetSuite item records to specify the subsidiaries that can access those items. This way, they could easily toggle item visibility for specific subsidiaries.

Here is an overview of the steps we took: 

1. Subsidiary Control: The check box functionality implemented in NetSuite item records allowed users to check or uncheck subsidiaries for individual items. This feature provided complete control over item visibility, ensuring that items could be easily excluded or included for specific subsidiaries.

2. Item Listing: By configuring the system to reflect the subsidiary-specific checkboxes, items designated as ‘off’ for a particular subsidiary would automatically not appear in item searches either. 

3. Transaction Continuity: The changes in item visibility do not disrupt existing transactions, allowing the client to transition smoothly without any order discrepancies.

4. Live Updates: If a commodity is ready to be sold or needs to be locked, users can update the checkbox in NetSuite, and it will be instantly reflected on the website.


Even if an item is hidden, it can remain accessible through the purchase history page, allowing users to view recent orders and potentially reorder it. Users attempting to reorder such items will be prevented from doing so, and instead, an alert message will be displayed.

The product may appear on the cart page if customers have previously added it to their wish list. However, any traces of these items will be completely removed to ensure no record of them is visible.

Customer Success

By implementing our SuiteCommerce customization, the client achieved several benefits such as:

Efficient management of item visibility for multiple subsidiaries

Ability to toggle item visibility on and off for specific subsidiaries any time

Ensuring a seamless online shopping experience for their customers by displaying real-time item availability

Smooth transition without any disruption to their existing transactions 

Key Achievements:

95% realtime accuracy in subsidiary-specific item restrictions

Reduced reorder errors by 80%since items are no longer listed for ordering

Improved Cart Page Clarity by hiding unavailable items

Way Forward 

At Jobin & Jismi, our primary focus is customer satisfaction. We take pride in understanding our clients’ needs and delivering tailor-made solutions that address their unique business requirements. This project serves as a testament to our ability to provide customized SuiteCommerce solutions, enhancing our clients’ online presence, and optimizing their operations.