SuiteCommerce Extension for CSV Export


This page for SuiteCommerce Extension for CSV Export is greatly beneficial. You can understand the new SCA extension for downloading data in CSV format from a product listing page to an excel file.  

The SuiteCommerce extension on CSV export features an enhanced facility. It allows the user to download the details of the product displaying on the PLP page as a CSV template. This extension also adds an excel icon to the Product Listing Page (PLP) of the ecommerce site. This extension is evident in showcasing our excellent capability to contribute to SuiteCommerce Advanced Extension development.  

Advanced Features

  1. – Allows downloading of product details in product listing page as CSV file
  2. – Enabling excel icon on the PLP

Capabilities and benefits of this CSV import extension

This csv import extension creates an environment for the user to collect information from the PLP. One can do this by downloading the file. The extension helps the web page show an excel icon in Product List Page of the website. The icon is visible to logged in users only.  

By clicking it, the system allows the user to download information to an excel file. The data includes SKU, Internal ID, Item Name, Description, and item Images (up to 15 images). This extension is highly beneficial to the SuiteCommerce advanced website users.  


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