Manage Your File Storage with Azure – NetSuite Integration


Client Portfolio

A renowned US-based printing company approached Jobin & Jismi about integrating Azure File Storage with NetSuite. The company is a comprehensive visual solutions provider that specializes in large format printing, creative design, fabrication, and immersive events.   

Established in 1971, they offer a range of services, including creative design, printing, fabrication, and activation services for various clients. Their specialties include large format printing, event signage, installation services, retail graphics, tradeshow displays, design services, custom flags and banners, street pole banners, fabric and digital printing, vehicle wraps, floor graphics, stadium graphics, VIP area and red-carpet services, projection and video mapping, fabrication, activation, immersive services, and experiential services.  

Problem Statement

Our client approached us to seek assistance in integrating Azure File Storage with NetSuite. The client was in need of a more efficient way of storing large files in Azure while also being able to easily access them within the sales order record without having to save them in NetSuite. Additionally, the customer desired a user-friendly solution that would allow the Azure file link to be displayed within NetSuite without having to log in to both systems.  

Our Solution

Upon careful analysis of the client’s needs, the team at Jobin & Jismi suggested integrating Azure, an external storage provider, with NetSuite. This integration allows files uploaded from NetSuite to be instantly saved in Azure and adds a corresponding link to the former. A subtab named Azure File is displayed in transaction records and sales orders, providing quick access to the relevant files. Our developers created a tailor-made user interface (UI), which is prominently visible under this subtab, allowing easy file management for the client.  

Jobin & Jismi’s custom integration solution enables direct file uploads to Azure storage from NetSuite, bypassing the file cabinet and allowing large files to be viewed or downloaded within the sales order record. The integration includes a unique feature that displays the Azure file link within NetSuite, eliminating the need for the user to log in to multiple systems. The custom UI also automates the upload process and displays files with the appropriate UI link. 

Our custom integration has boosted the client’s productivity and streamlined operations. The customer now benefits from a scalable, cost-effective solution for storing large files without any restrictions. Our integration simplifies file uploading to Azure storage, with easy drag-and-drop from NetSuite. The link to the stored file is displayed within NetSuite, avoiding multiple logins.  

Customer Success

Jobin & Jismi’s prudent involvement has enabled the client to reap numerous benefits, including the ability to integrate NetSuite with a third-party solution, Azure, for file storage. This integration has allowed the client to store large files in Azure without using a file cabinet, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and productivity.  

Integrating NetSuite with Azure for file storage offers numerous benefits, including:  

Easy file management 

Enhanced collaboration 

Improved customer service

By adopting a sound business strategy and fostering strong relationships with clients, an organization can boost its revenue and expand its business. 

Thus, Jobin & Jismi helped the customer integrate NetSuite with Azure File Storage.