Amazon-NetSuite Integration via Celigo to Manage Purchase Orders


One of our US-based clients is the first specialty bag company to design protective gear for professional musicians. They collaborate with professionals to provide quality and insight into their product. Their vision is to create innovative designs for creative people


The client approached us with a request to sync purchase orders from Amazon Vendor Central Canada to NetSuite. They need simultaneous purchase details in NetSuite while purchasing from Amazon. This is because they manage all business matters in NetSuite.  

One can see order details only in NetSuite. Amazon’s server stores the data as an Electronic Interchange or EDI file on its server. The client’s requirement is to bring that data into NetSuite and create sales orders there.  



Our developers made use of an application called ‘Celigo’ to connect NetSuite and Amazon. They did this to fulfil the requirement. This application collects data from Amazon servers for NetSuite.  

The system converts the orders created on Amazon as EDI files. Celigo transfers those files to NetSuite thus creating sales orders in that platform.   


Our developers were able to create purchase orders from Amazon to sales order in NetSuite every 15 minutes. By doing so, they were able to create new records without any duplication.