UPS Shipping Software Integration with NetSuite


One of our US-based clients, who is a leading supplier of Industrial power distribution, had a requirement to integrate UPS Shipping Label with NetSuite 

UPS Internet Shipping enables you to print shipping labels for local and international shipments from any computer equipped with an Internet connection. 


The client prerequisite was to integrate UPS Shipping Label with NetSuite. The ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) format was not supported during development and hence had to be created in PDF format. 


Our experts analyzed the requirements and put up a solution by creating a script for identifying the item fulfilment pack status and conducting API calls to get the shipping labels from UPS. After adding these details, they sent a request to the UPS server. Further, the client can download the shipping label from NetSuite


Our specialists met the requirements successfully. The NetSuite integration benefits the client by reducing time and effort. Also, they can directly download the shipping label from NetSuite.