Worldpay & Windcave : SCA Payment Redefined


Client Portfolio

Jobin & Jismi's client, a renowned beverage manufacturing company in the UK, sought assistance as their payments were regularly declined. 

Established in 1797, today it remains a close-knit organization, operating from the heart of the West Midlands. The family business is now run by a small and dedicated team from the third generation. 

Problem Statement 

The client was using a feature called 3D Secure to make their payments in SCA. However, their payments were declined repeatedly. They wanted an alternative payment method. Due to these payment declines, the client’s records lacked accurate documentation of credited payments. Furthermore, they were experiencing payment gaps, particularly when their customers tried to make payments and a considerable portion of these transactions faced rejection. This situation not only inconvenienced the customers but also created a disruption in the payment process.

What We Suggested

The Jobin & Jismi team enthusiastically seized the chance to help this amazing company with their problem.  

Our team was able to quickly develop the solution through thorough research of the customer’s requirements and business procedures. 

We proposed a solution involving the use of an external payment option in SCA, when 3D Secure support is unavailable. This entails integrating Worldpay, (a payment processing company that helps businesses accept electronic payments like credit cards and online payments) and Windcave payment gateways (an online payment gateway that helps businesses securely accept electronic payments, including cards and digital wallets.)  Consequently, we successfully incorporated both Worldpay and Windcave payment methods on SCA website. 

This external payment approach is compatible with all payment modes, effectively addressing decline-related issues. Furthermore, it supports all card payment options, adding to its versatility. 

Customer Success

The dedicated team at Jobin & Jismi skillfully addressed the client’s needs, ensuring a triumphant outcome. 

Enhanced Security: The introduction of the ‘External Payment option has improved the security of payment transactions, ensuring a worry-free experience for customers.

Diverse Payment Options: Our integrated payment gateways now provide an array of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets (such as PayPal and Apple Pay), and bank transfers. This empowers customers to conveniently choose their preferred mode of payment.

Global Expansion: With support for multiple currencies, businesses can effortlessly broaden their customer base on a global scale, fostering growth and international success.

Seamless Integration: Our payment gateways seamlessly integrate with diverse platforms and shopping carts. This integration streamlines the payment process for both merchants and customers, enhancing overall efficiency.

Swift Transactions: Transactions are now quicker, enhancing the customer experience by reducing wait times during payment processing.

Key Achievements: 

Increased Payment Flexibility of the user by 40% 

Reduced Wait Times of the user by 70% 

Way Forward 

Our proposed solution holds great promise in addressing the client’s payment challenges and fostering further success. By integrating external payment options like Worldpay and Windcave, on SCA website, we ensure smoother payments, restore accurate records, and reduce gaps. The ‘External Payment’ approach enhances security and empowers customers with versatile choices. With global expansion and seamless integration, our partnership reflects dedication, innovation, and success in resolving payment issues.