Customer Sales Report PDF

Our Customer Sales Report PDF is a tailored visual analysis, expertly crafted to assess and enhance customer engagement through sales metrics. This comprehensive PDF report provides an insightful examination of sales data, product categories, and merchandising specifics

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Implementation Time   5 Days

  • Different Pie charts can be generated.  
  • It can include various graphical representations of images based on products.  
  • Sales summary can be generated.  
  • Different color indicators can be provided for easy understanding.  
  • Able to generate reports of top selling items.  
  • The company brochure can be incorporated into the PDF.
  • Additional customization is possible on demand at an extra cost. 

Last UpdateJanuary 2024

Published31 January 2024


Major components of the booklet include

  • Customer Name & Date  
  • Date Filters  
  • Sales Summary  
  • Sales By Category  
  • Sales Component Weighting  
  • Merchandising Image  
  • Top 10 Items Purchased  
  • Customer Primary Group : This is a bar chart based on the items rank in terms of revenue. This involves fetching data for all the stores under the customer in focus’ Customer Primary Group and evaluating the top 10 items purchased.  
  • Distribution Channel : This involves compiling data for all the stores under the customer’s Distribution Channel and determining the top 10 items purchased. 

Features Overview

  • Customer Sales Report PDF in NetSuite portrays increasing or decreasing trends and provides comparisons.