Adding a Timeline to the NetSuite Customer Dashboard

All entity records have a dashboard view that can display the “Timeline Portlet”  including the customer record. The portlet can depict the interaction between various entities in NetSuite.

Customize Customer Dashboard according to user preference:

By clicking on “View Dashboard”, the user can switch to the Customer Dashboard view. (Top right corner - near customer’s name)

Within the Customer Dashboard view, click on the “Personalize” button located in the top menu of the module.

Now you can enable the “Timeline Portlet” by dragging it onto the page.

Various roles can utilize this feature to get a snapshot of the interaction between entities chronologically. Certain roles like Sales representatives and Account managers can benefit hugely from the timeline portlet as they can monitor Sales Orders, Calls, Estimates, etc.

The Timeline portlet is rich with information about various events like transaction status, the date it was created or sent, and totals. The tool will aid users to always stay informed, and it can help new employees to get up to speed easily by viewing customers’ activity.

Note that currently, the portlet is only accessible in the customer dashboard.