Advanced Numbering Feature in NetSuite

NetSuite users can now easily create multiple complex numbering sequences per transaction type,  fiscal year, and other selected criteria through Advanced Numbering feature.

Advanced numbering sequences are a mixer of an advanced numbering rule set as well as the associated rules. The user can include the required number of rules for a selected transaction type. This can be done in a three-step process:

1. Enter the number format along with the prefix and suffix, to be used in the numbering sequence.

2. Select a segment on which to apply the sequence from the segment subtab using the sequences(fiscal year, subsidiary, or location).

3. The Criteria subtab can be used to set the time to apply the sequence.

Example: INV-2021-00001, 

The vendor bill is FY21-BILL-00001-AULOC1.

The advanced numbering feature helps to create flexible document and transaction numbering that depicts the needs of the countries you do business in. This feature updates your document or transaction number sequence automatically, say during a new fiscal year, or when you set up different types of transactions. The newly generated numbers use prefixes and suffixes which are created in each rule. The advanced numbering rules can also be prioritized under different circumstances.

You can contact NetSuite Customer Support and request to enable this feature.

Advanced Numbering supports the following transaction types:

Cash sale

Customer deposit

Credit memo

Item fulfilment


Purchase order

Item receipt

Expense report

System journal


Sales order


Bill (transaction numbers only)

 Bill credit (transaction numbers only)