Use Sent Email List and Workbook in NetSuite to Fix Failed Recipients

Are you worried about whether the mail you sent or automated has been received by the intended recipient? Do you want to find out the reason with a helpful example? Well, we can help you with that in this article. 
The initial step involves locating the target email in the Sent Email List which can be found here:  
Setup > Company > Sent Email List 
If necessary, a customized view of the Sent Email List can be created with filters to aid in the search process. For instance, a detective control saved search may contain a unique message ID that can be utilized to filter the list. 

Upon locating the email, access the detail view by clicking on the corresponding row number ("#"). This view provides a comprehensive list of all the recipients, their delivery status, and the reason for any delivery failures. 


Isolating Failed Recipients via the Sent Email Workbook 

By enabling the Message ID field in the Sent Email SuiteAnalytics workbook, one can easily access the detailed email view by simply clicking through.

Merely observing an email entry under a record's Communications tab does not ensure that the email was successfully transmitted. It is essential to refer to the status information available from the Sent Email List. 

To ensure that any unsent emails are flagged based on the "Status" field, it is recommended to establish a detective control saved search and periodically review the results. For optimal results, schedule the search to run at least once daily and report on any issues from the previous day.

While the above search can detect any delivery failures, it does not provide any insight into the reason behind the failure. The Sent Email SuiteAnalytics workbook offers additional information, such as message headers, signatures, and a failure reason field, which can be useful in determining the root cause. 

In such situations, it would be optimal to have a status that indicates partial delivery. However, NetSuite only provides two classifications for emails, "Sent" or "Unsent".