Tips for Effective Global Search in NetSuite

Who doesn’t love tips which make things easier? Yes, we all do. NetSuite also has some hidden tips and tricks that save your time and effort within a limited click. The following are some of such tips figured out by our expert NetSuite resources, just to make your Global Search effective.

Come Let’s have a look.

Tips for effective Global Search:

1. Optimize your search for accessing specific records, or collecting the search results -  use prefix e.g. cust: prefix can be used in the place of the customer).

2. Search and access any records with a specific word  - type percentage (%) signs before and after a word.

3. Find inactive records by adding a plus (+) sign after a word  (e.g. Harry was terminated, to find his inactive employee record type Emp: Harry+ ).

4. Replace any letter in a word by using underscore (_) (e.g H__ry if you find “Henry” or “Harry").

5. To find the exact text that relates in any records use quotation marks (“ ”) (e.g. To fetch the document with the statement "failed" that you have typed ).

6. Search for multiple criteria using “OR”  (e.g. Monica OR Darry).

7. For opening a new window to access the desired search results, use a double colon (::) (e.g. Open fulfillment 21 by ful::21).

8. For return a single result in edit modes capital letters in the prefix. (e.g. For editing the fulfillment in the previous example use Ful:21).

9. Customer’s dashboard can be accessed by typing “dash” (eg: dash Customer).