Trick to Identify NetSuite Performance Issues

NetSuite performance issues can occur due to several factors. Most often, users don’t understand the exact problems behind these performance issues. The common factors behind this issue are the problems of the server on which NetSuite is hosted on or the network performance issues or client performance. Finding these factors is very important to restore the effectiveness of NetSuite. NetSuite itself has provided the trick to figure out what causes the blockage. Let us see what it is.

NetSuite itself has a native window that provides the performance details. The window appears if the user:

1. Double-click the Oracle NetSuite logo of any page in the NetSuite.

2. A window with application performance details will appear. This window shows performance details that can assist you in troubleshooting.

Remember: This information is unique for each user.

If necessary, the user can make use of these details to find out the exact route of troubleshooting.

• Total: Indicates the total time taken to load the page. Displayed in seconds.

• Server: Shows the duration for loading a page in seconds and the details the time for the total page load during extracting details from the NetSuite server.

• Server SuiteScript: Indicates the server time in seconds, and as a percentage used for server-side scripting, .

• Server Workflow: Shows the total server time used for workflows, in seconds, and as a percentage.

• Network: Shows the loading time of data transfer from the NetSuite servers to the computer in seconds and as a percentage. If the row shows a greater percentage, then the internet service provider (ISP), might be the reason for poor performance).

• Client: This indicates page rendering time of the computer in seconds and percentage.

• Page: Displays the address of the website you currently are using in the application.

• Email: Show the email address of the account.

• Time: Exhibits the system date and time.

If you are experiencing any issues with NetSuite performance, try these steps to figure out the issue.