Trick to List “FedEx Ground@” As Default Shipping Method

Sometimes it is difficult for the users to choose “FedEx GRound@” as their shipping method even if it is default . This is because they are unaware about a simple trick. 

Most of the time a user updates an address as default and it is considered as the residential address. They can only avail all the available shipping methods other than "FedEx Ground@". The users can get the "FedEx Ground@" listed as the delivery method, simply by changing the corresponding or default address to Non- Residential address. 

In order to change the corresponding address to a non-residential address, and to change the shipping method, Un-Check the RESIDENTIAL checkbox on the address detail page, to make your address non residential and enter the Non Residential Address. This enables the "FedEx Ground@" shipping method for that corresponding address. 

In some cases the "FedEx Ground@" will not be displayed even if the customer changes the address into non-residential. The change will appear once the user logs out and starts the session again.