SuiteCommerce Advanced Version Upgradation : Why Should you Make a Move

Why keep struggling when you can perform much better? Yes, you read it right. The latest SuiteCommerce version offers impeccable features and functionalities that are free of cost. All the extensions that are provided by NetSuite can be used at no cost on the site. But the challenge is that the customers yet to migrate from the oldest versions cannot benefit from this. They have to make an extra effort to rebuild the site and explore the features updated in each release.

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SuiteCommerce Advanced Version Upgradation

Upgrade your website to the latest version of SuiteCommerce Advanced to enjoy perfect consolidation with your NetSuite and a better customer experience. NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce Advanced is an Omni-channel e-commerce system that integrates all aspects of a multi-channel, multi-location business, including branding, marketing, POS (Point of Sale), stock management, financials, and customer service. Users can enjoy a rich, interactive, personalized, and constant purchasing experience on every device because of its single page architecture and responsive templates. Your site will be scalable and load incredibly fast. 

Upgrade your SuiteCommerce website to the latest features and endless possibilities with SuiteCommerce Advanced.

Being one of the leading providers of NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce Advanced Technology, we focus on assisting users migrate their eCommerce processes from the older version to SuiteCommerce Advanced by offering complete solutions, from webstore design and implementation to custom integrations.

Our Upgradation Process

  • In-depth Analysis 

All previous versions of SuiteCommerce are eligible for upgradation, including Denali, Mont Blanc, Vinson, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, and Aconcagua. When we acquire a website for upgrade, we first perform a thorough analysis of the site, taking into account all of its current features and functionalities, as well as how it functions, how many modules it has, and everything that has been done on it.

  • Planning and Budgeting 

Here we plan the efforts, timeline, and factors to consider in rebuilding the new website. We will suggest new add ons required for the website and propose better solutions than the prevailing. Developing new themes for the website with the help of the design team.  

  • Execution 

The analysis, planning and budgeting leads to the final process, the implementation. In this phase, the development will be done initially on the Sandbox account and then to the live environment. If the customer does not own a sandbox account, we will directly go for the production account and implementation. The timeline will depend on the number of customizations that have been done on the website. 

A Seamless Ecommerce Journey Awaits you on the Latest SCA Version

  • Extensions 

There are a lot of features and plugins available in the latest SCA version that make your site more efficient and productive. They include, Google Analytics 4 with Google Tag Manager, Best Sellers, Intelligent Item Recommendations, Look Book, Newsletter Signup, Advanced Sign Up, Grid Order Matrix Items, Infinite Scroll, Inventory Display, Product Comparison, Product Lead Time, Product Page Printer, Shipping Bar, Size Chart, Blog Version 2, Columns, and many more.   

  • Exceptional Performance 

We offer edge caching and an industry-leading content delivery network. We ensure that your store aligns with your business process and offers an amazing shopping experience  

  • Stores that Portray your Brand

Our thorough knowledge of SuiteCommerce Advanced and expertise in UI and UX design combine to develop an eCommerce store that defines your brand. We work with you to redesign every aspect of your store’s UI, so that everything is exactly how you want it. 

  • SEO Enhancements 

Every upgrade will include search engine optimization (SEO) enhancements as a part of it to improve your search engine rankings. 

  • Personalization and 3D Secure Version 2  

The Personalization features include Customer and Inventory Segmentation (Personalized Catalogue Views), including, General Availability, Cacheable/Personalized Item Search API Endpoint Support, Import Item Collections and many more.  

The 3D Secure Version 2 is available in the latest SCA. It’s the new authentication solution to secure customers when they purchase online using credit or debit cards. The objective of this is to restrict the use of a customer’s credit or debit card without authorization. In contrast to 3D Secure Version 1, the registration of card and password is not needed by the owner.   

  • Merchandising Features 

The latest merchandising features include Best Sellers, Intelligent Item Recommendations, Newsletter Signup, Look Book, and Product Feeds.