28 Sep, 2020

Grow Your Business with Oracle NetSuite in the Post-COVID Era

During the days of the pandemic, the Cloud ERP market witnessed tremendous growth with cloud spending spiking by 37% to reach $29 billion in the foremost quarter of 2020. Contrary to popular thinking that migration to cloud is a passing fad when things started returning to normal, it is here to stay. According to US technological and research firm Gartner, cloud is slated to comprise 14.2% of all IT investments globally in 2024. In such a scenario, it is important to look into how optimized Cloud ERP solutions like Oracle NetSuite can boost business operations in a post-pandemic world. 

NetSuite implementation holds the key to creating the right environment for hassle-free business operations for enterprises across the globe.  

The post-pandemic world is witnessing a boom in the retail sector, which is valued at more than $26 trillion. However, it still faces challenges such as inventory visibility, limited access to information and pathetic operations management. NetSuite Cloud ERP offers tailor-made solutions to overcome difficulties and optimize operations.  With the Cloud ERP market likely to grow by 13.6% annually to touch $40.5 billion in 2025, it is high time to think of implementation. ERP’s integration with technologies such as internet of things (IoT) devices and social media platforms to facilitate more visibility and enhanced customer experience, businesses are exploring solutions that also support remote working as many firms have flexible working options. 

All About Implementation

With more than a decade of experience, Jobin and Jismi is an Oracle NetSuite implementation partner. We have a well-crafted methodology and it comprises 6 phases. Each one is designed in such a way that it does not require on-site involvement. 

Phase 1: Business Assessment and Analysis

During this phase, our NetSuite consultants connect with your business team initially with a set of questionnaires to obtain information on the nature of the business process and operations. Our team of certified professionals conduct elaborative discussions and document the requirements before submitting the same for client approval. The documentation also includes requirements on customization, integration implementation prerequisites, and all other business concerns. We proceed to the next stage following approval and confirmation.

Phase 2: Project Design and Configuration Patterns

The project design and configuration phase is considered to be critical in the implementation process. Our team of experts processes the project design and patterns required for configuration.  

Our consultants optimize and map all the business operations, workflows, activities, forms, and structure with NetSuite as well as in the sandbox (testing) environment. All the required customizations and workflows are completed with optimum accuracy.

Phase 3: Validation

Once the project design and configuration are completed, another important aspect that needs optimum care and concern is validations of configured functions. We have designed 2 sub-phase processes for doing the same. In the first phase of testing, we validate the system internally based on the approved documentation. 

The second phase involves user acceptance testing. The client provides access to the software and allows us to perform transactions and other aligned functions to ensure the proper working of the system. Based on its outcome, we move to the next phase.

Phase 4: User Training

A successful NetSuite implementation will be complete only if the end-users receive adequate training to run and manage the system by themselves. So, we aim to equip end-users with the skills and knowledge needed to use the software appropriately. We have extensive online tools to provide rigorous user training if the client is implementing the system remotely. We empower all the end-users to handle the system effortlessly. 

Phase 5: Go-live

Upon the approval of the User Acceptance Testing, the pre-designed and configured functions pull into the production environment. The roles and permissions will be set up and access will be provided to users. The deployment of the functions is done remotely as NetSuite resides on the cloud system without any on-site assistance.

Phase 6: Post-Live Support

The last and critical stage in the implementation process is post-live support, which is provided free of cost to our clients.

How Jobin & Jismi Can Help Your Business?

If you’re thinking of implementing the world's fastest-growing Cloud- ERP platform we can guide you on the right path. Armed with more than a decade of experience and expertise in service delivery, we can transform your business. If you wish to know more about the successful deployment of Oracle NetSuite, send your queries to contactus@jobinandjismi.com and schedule a call with our certified NetSuite consultants.