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Jobin & Jismi is an Oracle NetSuite Solution provider with the ‘Expertise in ERP’ badge. One of our primary businesses is providing Oracle NetSuite consulting service to clients armed with more than a decade of experience. We have a dedicated team of 40+ ERP consultants to provide professional and reliable consultancy to the client right from the module selection.

So far, more than 100 clients across the globe spanning different industries have sought the assistance of our expertise when it comes to Cloud ERP consulting. Our NetSuite ERP consultants discuss with the client, understand the business, and then propose the best modules, and business processes they should consider. We thus ensure that the client gets 100 % outcome for the money they spend. Additionally, our expert professionals equip users to effectively manage NetSuite.

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Our Consultation Includes:

  1. Product Review:
    Our team of Cloud ERP consultants helps the client choose the right NetSuite modules and implement them. As per the convenience of the customer, our team of Oracle NetSuite experts meets the stakeholders of the company. (online/offline) to help them select the best modules that are apt for their business.
  2. NetSuite Customization:
    Our expert consultants review the business process of the existing NetSuite clients, identify the gaps between NetSuite and their business process and propose a customized solution. Our NetSuite technical architects then step in and create a tailor-made solution that is best suited to fill the gap for the business.
  3. NetSuite Integration:
    Clients may need their third-party products to be integrated with NetSuite so that they can have seamless business processes. Our NetSuite Integration consulting team reviews the requirements and integrates third-party systems with NetSuite so the client can have a single source of truth and get real-time insights.
  4. NetSuite Optimization:
    In this case, we review the existing NetSuite account of the client and optimize the process to ensure maximum results.
  5. NetSuite Rescue and training:
    This is one of our core areas of consultancy. Here, our consultants review the failed implementation and correct the glitches to align NetSuite with your business process. Our NetSuite implementation rescue service is extremely popular, and it has benefited many clients.
  6. NetSuite Health Check:
    Our expert consultants conduct a health check of NetSuite in an organization to identify the obstacles preventing its total utilization. This happens when businesses realize that the current NetSuite is not efficiently supporting its requirements. It is also done when novel business lines, products and services are added to the organization.

When is the Right Time to Consult us?

  • When you feel the current tools are inadequate for business growth or if you are planning to migrate to Cloud ERP.
  • If you are convinced that the process in place has serious glitches that affect seamless working.
  • If your enterprise is expanding and you wish to segregate your business based on departments, locations, and units, then it is time for Oracle NetSuite intervention.
  • In case you feel that real-time data is inevitable for the smooth running of your business, it is high time to approach our experts.
  • When you begin receiving multiple customer complaints and find it hard to manage inventory, sales, purchases, and customer data, expediting the cloud ERP selection process and implementing it are recommended.
  • If you feel that multiple software usage is proving bothersome, then you need to migrate to Oracle NetSuite.

If any of the above scenarios are applicable in your case, feel free to contact us as our team of NetSuite Certified ERP consultants is always there to help you.

Our NetSuite Consulting Engagement Model

We have multiple engagement models based on your NetSuite Implementation status.
Please contact us to know more about our consulting engagement models.

NetSuite Consulting Service to Partners (NCSP)

NetSuite Certified ERP consultants from Jobin & Jismi assist other NetSuite partners in their presales consulting. It can be a joint effort, or the partners can avail themselves of the consulting services of our experts as a service and you can rebrand and present it before the customer. Please contact us for more information.


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It is important to seek the assistance of a NetSuite consultant to plan, design and configure the right solutions for your business. This expert will also enable your firm to gain a competitive advantage during NetSuite enablement, post-implementation, gap fit analysis and solution planning. Such an intervention will automate your business operations, enhance visibility into your processes and boost growth and profitability.

Our experience of more than a decade and our dedicated team of experts give us the upper hand in Oracle NetSuite consulting. Our experience serving 300-plus clients over the years and our expertise in ERP badge have equipped us with proficiency in understanding and analyzing client requirements and producing tailor-made solutions. Our 96% client retention rate is enough evidence of customer satisfaction and how well we value our services. 


Over the years, Jobin and Jismi has bagged several achievements, including the prestigious Expertise in ERP badge. We have multiple NetSuite Certified Administrators, SuiteCloud Developer II certified resources, and certified SuiteCommerce Developers with individual certifications in Multi-Book Accounting, SuiteLife and Advanced Revenue Management.