4 May, 2020

Our First NetSuite Implementation Go-Live Success Story Unveiled!

We have successfully turned our victory on completing the first Oracle NetSuite ERP implementation Go-Live in Kerala, India. And, we are talking about the implementation of the cloud ERP to Diamond Roller Flour Mills Pvt.Ltd. Kottayam. 

And the story begins

We have attempted a way back success for our hard work of months, Implementing the next generation cloud ERP solutions to a traditional flour mill company in Kerala. They have the largest scales of business being a manufacturing company. And they consumed with import and export trade of flour.

The company has been one of the finest and oldest legacies in Kerala, India for more than 30 years of profound working. 

The client was using a traditional system with the highest risk factors of losing their data because of an unprecedented event as it was not residing in the cloud. Anything can vanish their whole data and process. The leadership of the Diamond is a team of visionaries who wish to lead their business to the next horizon. They wanted to automate their entire operations while the data should resider in the cloud. NetSuite comes there help on time and offered them the best industrial solution. 

The herculean task was to provide a holistic solution to this manufacturing giant. And we have to migrate their historical data from their legacy system to NetSuite.

Our challenge was to surprise them with a unified system that addresses all their business processes and concerns. We need to achieve this by a reasonable deadline.

Our Business requirement document (BRD) was undergone further significant revisions based on scrutinies and focused on addressing the key details of attention before NetSuite Implementation Go-Live. Our expert NetSuite implementation team pointed out the most of all the key and specific gaps. The implementation was sophisticated with ample customizations that make it best suited for their business. 

The progress 

Back in December, we started our initial working of BRD preparation. And by midway of March, we started our training along with an off-stage data migration process. The process runs in full-length by migrating the customers, suppliers, items, multi-location inventory, bins, sales history, and further unique customizations for their business. Nevertheless to say our core NetSuite implementation team consisting of two dynamic youngsters with expert knowledge on administrating implementation. They were having a positive attitude with high energy and charisma to run the process in a full-length ordinance. They were keen on establishing success stories over hard work and sheer determination to attain the best possible outcome with a constantly growing system; the NetSuite. 

NetSuite user training was challenging. As the onboard support and in-person training was not possible with the unprecedented atmosphere existing across the world. And for them, the system is completely novel and different. Our expert team has organized several virtual sessions to tackle the problem. And at each stage of training our team were ensuring that it is going well with a quality outcome.  We possessed the fearless decisions and attitude to run the implementation a successful one even though the situations were not much favorable outside. 

We have given training to the users, and recovered and re-emerged from the enlisted mistakes during this period. The decision on NetSuite implementation Go-Live was made at the time of BRD submission as May 1 and we have foreseen the success and accomplished the same on time. 

... and the NetSuite implementation Go-Live

And on May 1st, 2020 we are very excited and happy to proceed with the NetSuite Go-Live in our office. 

We have administrated a virtual meeting for the official Go-Live with the presence of the Oracle NetSuite team,  Venkatachalam Subramaniam ( GM head of India), Abhishek Gupta ( Director Alliances), Sandeep Maniyamghat (Regional Director). And also Jobin Jose (CEO), Jismi Jobin ( CTO), Mishael Jose (BDM ) along with our implementation experts at Jobin & Jismi. were attending the event. And, Sayid Ameer Ali ( Managing Director),  CBV Siddique (Executive Director),  Pradeep Cheriyan ( Finance Manager), and other respected members of Diamond Roller Flour Mills Pvt.Ltd Kottayam has graciously attended the function. 

It was content to see the happiness in their face while printing their first invoice during the NetSuite Go-Live. Now we are witnessing how this traditional business now empowered to use a system that is something modern and supreme. And also achieving their day to day business success in a better-organized way.

We are proud enough to be part of this successful NetSuite implementation.

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