7 Oct, 2020

Who Are NetSuite Implementation Partners – Why Do You Need Them?

A static approach towards your business, can not lift up your business into the heights that you expect. You should look at your business from different perspectives and try the most sophisticated methods if you wish for a breakthrough. ERP solutions is one such cutting edge business solution that can bring notable changes for your business.

Today, a successful business requires a better performing ERP, NetSuite is one among them. It is one of the most advanced cloud ERP solutions available in the market. It has the potential to accelerate and leverage your business and can help you to provide competitive business advantage. Sometimes it is not an easier way to get into absolute success. You need to take care of many things to understand the competition along with NetSuite ERP. 

Once you decide to launch your business operations with NetSuite ERP the next step is to find the right implementation partners. 

What Is a NetSuite Implementation Partner?

NetSuite Alliance Partners are the ones who provide business transformation consulting services, integration, and implementation services to business enterprises. The success of NetSuite implementation may depend on the expertise implementation partners. With NetSuite implementation partners, businesses can draw more value from NetSuite purchase. 

Alliance Partners are experts in their area of operation and possess profound and unique knowledge of NetSuite solutions. The businesses can pair with any of the NetSuite consulting service providers and avail the services at their convenience.

Characteristics of a Good Netsuite Implementation Partners

1. Technical Expertise

An implementation partner owns the ability to understand the general functionality and system performance while integrating the same with your current business operations and processes. Implementation partners may take crucial decisions, especially on the integration whether to use connectors or not. They can also foresee methodologies that will work for your business. The technical expertise of an implementation team can be evaluated by certifications, awards, recommendations, and reputation that they had earned during their service period.

2. Industry Expertise

NetSuite implementation partner is accountable for providing industry-specific knowledge.  It will help you to understand the pain points and challenges that you are going to confront and the solutions to resolve it. In addition, implementation partners educate businesses on how to promote the efficient use of industry-specific modules thereby business success.  

A good NetSuite implementation partner is a good advocate of the language of your industry and can execute the industry’s best practices to achieve the short-term and long term goals of your team.

3. Communication

NetSuite Implementation can be a long process, the constant communication with implementation partners is very effective in attaining the best results. The improved flow of information between two parties is essential to run the process successfully. Engaging communication keeps you informed about the progress happening in each stage. All your changing requirements, concerns, and queries needed to get addressed on time which ease the emerging hurdles.

4. Accurate Guidance

A good implementation partner can guide you to success. They will suggest solutions to incorporate your business into NetSuite. They provide insights to increase the proficiency of running your business effectively with NetSuite.

5. Training

Training is very important for the success of your NetSuite implementation. The real stakeholders and the beneficiaries need to understand how the system works and how it needs to be operated on a real-time basis.  The employees need to develop competencies to use NetSuite properly. NetSuite implementation partners are responsible enough to provide the necessary training for the employees and empower them to use the system with ease.

6. Post Implementation Review and Support

Post-implementation support is a key element. It is as essential as the success of the NetSuite implementation process. Post Implementation review is a good practice and a good implementation partner will initiate the same. They evaluate the project objectives, deliverables the effectiveness of the implementation process, along with that they provide post-implementation support in case if necessary.  They necessitate minimizing the errors and maximizing the benefits from NetSuite implementation.

What Do They Do?

A good NetSuite implementation partner does the following phases of discoveries and gets understanding about the processes involved for receiving maximum benefits of your implementation.

Initial Discovery

The NetSuite implementation solution provider will get in touch with you, and analyze your business process and pain points. They suggest solutions on how your business can receive many benefits from NetSuite.

Deep Dive Discovery

In this phase, NetSuite Alliance Partners will assist you to understand more functional and detailed ways to perfectly tailor your business with NetSuite ERP. They recommend optimal solutions with which businesses can receive maximum benefits from the NetSuite implementation.

Free Demo

The best NetSuite implementation partners may volunteer for free demo sessions without any cost or commitment. These sessions will help you to gain better understanding of NetSuite ERP functions and how you can make use of them.


After the free demo, NetSuite partners ensure to look through your business and make essential steps to align your business with NetSuite. The business needs to be aligned in concern with the stipulated needs of the business. All the processes and functions need to be aligned with NetSuite in order to gain better advantages of the system.

Document of Commitment

After the reconciliation with the pricing structure. The implementation partner company offers a document to sign as the initial mutual agreement to work. The document of commitment is an initial agreement concerning the configuration, design, customization, other development demands need to be taken care of while doing the implementation process.


The process of implementation will start operating after this agreement. The good implementation partners may implement NetSuite to your system with greater precision and higher efficiency. They understand your business, propose solutions in order to scale up the business. They detail the implementation requirements and including the possibilities for customizations and integration demands to fetch greater business advantages.

Go Live

Go Live is the actual execution of NetSuite implementation. Businesses will enjoy real-time benefits such as business growth and performance efficiency with NetSuite; #1 cloud business management software. Go Live is the actual deployment of business actions in NetSuite. From the Go Live stage onwards business will start operating on the NetSuite ERP platform.

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