20 Sep, 2023

NetSuite Outsourced Manufacturing for Maximum Productivity

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, companies are increasingly turning to external partners to simplify their operations. Across industries, businesses are utilizing the power of third-party manufacturers. Presently, numerous businesses perceive the option of outsourcing manufacturing operations as attractive. But the big question remains: Does this choice align with your specific business circumstances? 

This blog post serves as a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the setup and configuration of NetSuite's Outsourcing processes. Additionally, we will delve into the enhancements brought by NetSuite's Outsourced Manufacturing feature, shedding light on its functionalities that can bring immense value to your operations. 

Introducing NetSuite Outsourced Manufacturing 

Briefly, NetSuite Outsourced Manufacturing is designed to cater to the needs of manufacturing organizations looking to simplify and automate contract manufacturing processes. This feature comes equipped with robust tools, including advanced version control for bill of materials, streamlined production cost tracking, and efficient management of raw materials. 

The updated capabilities of the Outsourced Manufacturing edition are aimed at making NetSuite an ideal solution for organizations across industries, especially when setting up typical outsourced purchase orders. 

Advantages of NetSuite Outsourced Manufacturing 

Implementing NetSuite's Outsourced Manufacturing feature can bring a plethora of benefits, enhancing your manufacturing efficiency and visibility. Let us delve deeper into these advantages: 

1. Enhanced Tracking and Visibility 

The complexity of organizational procedures often hampers inventory visibility. This challenge becomes more pronounced when dealing with contract manufacturers. NetSuite Outsourced Manufacturing comes to the rescue by connecting work orders, assembly builds, and item receipt processes. This connectivity significantly improves traceability and visibility throughout the entire production process. 

2. Improved Efficiency 

Access to critical information about outsourced manufacturing processes empowers you to forecast completion dates, communicate availability to awaiting customers, and make necessary material adjustments. 

3. Automation and Cost Savings 

The integration of production and procurement transactions augments automation and efficiency while simultaneously reducing end-user efforts and costs. 

4. Enhanced Communication 

NetSuite Outsourced Manufacturing's advanced version control simplifies the calculation of product costs and allows for easy adjustments to raw material, selling, or vendor costs over time. 

Advancements for Different Manufacturers 

NetSuite caters to various manufacturing types, allowing for tailored solutions:

•Discrete/Assembly Manufacturers: Offers location-specific configuration options, customized work order completion logic, and improved data collection. Additional features include better work order release capabilities and support for the entire Manufacturing Execution System and Manufacturing Operations Management. 

•Batch or Process Manufacturers: This version includes all the features of discrete manufacturing along with enhanced Manufacturing Work Bench Record Structure, batch travelers, and improved material issuance control.

•NetSuite's Built-In Mobility and Extended Setup: NetSuite's mobile capabilities integrate barcode scanning and wireless tablet features, enabling instant reporting functionalities for the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The Advanced Manufacturing Admin Console provides parameters for optimal setup, ensuring effective control over work orders and procedures.  

Choosing the Right Manufacturing Solution 

NetSuite offers three choices for deploying manufacturing capabilities based on your needs: 

1. Work Orders & Assemblies: Suitable for light assembly without the need to track work in progress or labor separately. 

2.WIP (Work in Process) & Routings: Allows you to define work centers, track labor costs, and schedule capacity effectively. 

3.Advanced Manufacturing: Provides comprehensive control over manufacturing operations, including finite capacity scheduling, and manufacturing execution. 

Outsourced Manufacturing: Streamlined Efficiency 

NetSuite Outsourced Manufacturing streamlines your operations across multiple locations, leveraging automation, visibility, and tracking to enhance your processes. It is a powerful tool that optimizes manufacturing operations by facilitating automation and seamless transaction flow. 

Whether you are looking to automate operations, cut overheads, or elevate end-user efficiency, NetSuite Outsourced Manufacturing is the panacea for all your outsourcing needs. 

For more insights into NetSuite's Outsourced Manufacturing, reach out to Jobin & Jismi, your trusted NetSuite Solution provider. Stay connected with us to explore how NetSuite can revolutionize your manufacturing experience.