23 Feb, 2022

How NetSuite Helps Manufacturers?

Apart from present supply chain obstructions and labor scarcity, manufacturers confront a myriad of common problems around their daily functions. NetSuite provides three distinct production management products that are, work orders and assemblies, WIP and routings, and advanced manufacturing assists manufacturers to automate, collaborate and inform decision making. 

Common Production Management Challenges

For enterprises that do not have a system to operate their manufacturing functions, or for those dependent on numerous disparate systems, effectively fixing and organizing production is difficult, tedious, and vulnerable to error. Businesses that depend on spreadsheets and Gantt charts to understand what elements, raw materials, machinery, and labor are needed for production, and when they confront a lack of instantaneous information which can ultimately lead to: 

1. Poor Communication with the Production Floor

Manufacturers who lack a single system of documentation for both the product advancement/engineering level and the production floor have complexity in discussing bill of materials (BOM) changes to the production floor, which leads to products made “out of specifications”. This then results in redevelopments or scrap, finally raising the cost of goods sold (COGS).

2. Delays in Production

Employing spreadsheets and Gantt charts to know what is needed for production, and when and where it is needed, is a difficult and draggy process. Any part of the process that is not organized accurately – a lost element, a machine that is not obtainable, labor not organized to operate the production cycle – can result in delays in the production cycle which will lead to delays in product availability, reduced production yield, and rising operational costs.

3. Inconsistent Quality

As with updates to the BOM, businesses require perfect production processes that assure products are manufactured based on the right specifications, confirming compatible quality products are distributed to consumers.

4. Inefficient Use of Resources

Depending on spreadsheets and Gantt charts to learn when and where machinery and labor are required and duration of each production run should add up complexity. Lacking a clear knowledge of these factors, organizers can’t access the most out of machinery and labor to increase production yields, which finally raises COGS. 

Take Control of Your Production Processes 

NetSuite production management abilities provide businesses with the visibility and control of the whole production process to assist businesses to make better, more knowledgeable decisions in each phase of the way. NetSuite manufacturing solutions makes businesses: 

Aware of what materials are needed for production and make sure they are ready on time and in place.

Determine assembly items and make work orders with the least effort.

Capture and put together valuable shop floor data.

Arrange works in progress (WIP) and direct to suit various manufacturing locations.

Optimize fundamental business processes with improved planning and manufacturing execution abilities.

Choosing the Right Solution

Because businesses arrive in all sorts, NetSuite provides three production management offerings that develop mutually so businesses can opt for the one that suits better for their requirements, all while having the contentment that they can effortlessly scale as the business enlarges and matures.

Work Orders & Assemblies operates best for companies that perform some light assembly but needless to trace work in process or the labour individually. 

WIP & Routings build on the capability to determine work centres, routings, trace labour costing, unlimited capacity organizing and give a Gantt chart with drag-and-drop functionality. 

Advanced Manufacturing offers total command over every aspect of the manufacturing operations, consisting of limited capacity scheduling, batch management and manufacturing implementation.

Ensure Your Production Process Runs Smoothly and Efficiently

Provided with instantaneous information, businesses are capable of operating their manufacturing processes effectively. NetSuite’s manufacturing solutions offer real-time visibility into each step of the production process to assist to make better-informed decisions. Get the products to market rapidly and profitably.