4 Jun, 2020

NetSuite Portlet Refresher

A portlet is an efficient mechanism to highlight certain information in a NetSuite dashboard. These are visual plugins and are flexible to arrange accordingly based on user preference. The dashboard panel displays the content which includes tabs for Standard Content, Report Snapshots, and Trend Graphs.

In NetSuite the refreshing of the dashboard does not come automatically as a standard feature, the user needs to refresh it each time after the login. But sometimes this creates a hindrance to the performance efficiency of the system. But downloading a simple extension on the NetSuite portlet refresher is going to provide an incredible solution for this tiring manual action.

For instance,  if you are an industry dealing with a huge warehouse, you are largely going to benefit from this extension. Because it would be a great advantage if you get all your inventory updates done automatically without further time spending on its manual loading after the login. As mentioned NetSuite does not provide this as a default feature. If you would like to get the refresh done, the user needs to click the refresh button each time after the login. But with a NetSuite portlet refresher extension, users can save time as it automates the whole process of updating. 

    The extension on the NetSuite portlet refresher developed by Jobin & Jismi helps you in this regard. With our extension, the users can enjoy automatic refreshing of the NetSuite home page each time of the account access or login. This works at every login and loads your NetSuite home page and refreshes it automatically without any manual assistance.  

    Advanced facilities

    1. Automatic refreshing of NetSuite portlets 
    2. Real-time data visualization 
    3. Eliminating the associated hindrance of manual loading of the portlets


    This extension hinders the limitation of manually refreshing the NetSuite portlet on every login. Users can avail of the recent loading without clicking the refresh button, thereby enhancing the working efficiency and eradicating the delays in loading the portlets. Users can save time and improve their system performance.

    Installation and maintenance

    It is available as a chrome extension for refreshing the NetSuite portlets.  

    You can install the same by free cost. And can download it directly from the chrome webstore. 

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