16 Jun, 2022

How Salesforce CRM and NetSuite ERP Integration Increases Business 

At a time when businesses are exploring ways to streamline operations and enhance profits while cutting costs, digital solutions often come in handy. Therefore, it is not surprising that many firms around the world opt for either NetSuite, one of the most prominent names among Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution providers, or Salesforce, which is a popular Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). But the fact remains that if both the solutions function independently, then it slows down business and leads to rising costs. However, integrating both opens the portals of a whole new level of collaboration between core departments such as Sales, Operations, Finance and Service. This is what propels many firms to opt for the integration of NetSuite with Salesforce. 

Benefits of integrating Salesforce CRM with NetSuite ERP 

Once the Salesforce-NetSuite integration is done, businesses have a higher chance of turning potential customers into loyal clients. It helps to increase the number of leads for the cash process. Other benefits include more revenue, procurement and inventory, higher profitability, seamless purchase lifecycle management, easy sales cycle monitoring, and high marketing team synchronization.  

The process also enables real-time monitoring of inventory and its updating. Owners of online firms stand to benefit the most as the integration keeps them informed about inventory availability and its efficient management, boosting brand value and customer happiness.  

Discounts & Special Offers: Salesforce and NetSuite integration takes discounts and special offers to the next level. Any invoice that the account team modifies in ERP will be updated in CRM immediately. This eliminates the need to duplicate your invoicing and purchase order updating activities. By doing so, businesses can ascertain whether or not they can provide a discount and how many discounts are appropriate. You can better assess your revenue and debt using integration services. 

Update Data Easily: The process also helps you make smarter decisions and managing vast volumes of data becomes hassle-free and transparent. Each piece of information gathered is readily documented, edited, and saved for future use. It also eliminates the time-consuming and unproductive data management procedure, allowing you to make smarter judgments.

Process Automation: Thanks to this digital transformation, receiving orders and delivering on time are hassle-free processes. It is now easier to trace the life cycles of your purchases and transactions and this helps you stay updated and increase efficiency. 

More Effective Decision-Making: A company is constantly bombarded with data. Different employees operate in different hierarchies in a firm, such as sales managers, sales teams, C-level executives, and so on. For completing various jobs, everyone requires access to specific information. Team members can access all information and data for improved decision-making by combining NetSuite with Salesforce. 

The advantages of integrating Salesforce with NetSuite are reciprocal. The combination of the two technologies will shorten the time it takes to interact with potential clients and improve company services. Furthermore, it promotes automation, which will enhance customer experience. 

Important Integration methods 

• Integration according to the web services that could be attained using Salesforce and NetSuite APIs.

• It can also be done via third-party integrations like Actian, Boomi AtomSphere, and Informatica. 

• It can be carried out with a customized adaptor parallel to integration based on customized middleware.  

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