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NetSuite Integration

Jobin & Jismi is one of the leading NetSuite integration providers having more than a decade of experience. We have completed more than 150 third-party product integrations with NetSuite so far. Our sizable NetSuite Integration Certified developers are highly skilled in integrating the solution with other software/hardware products directly.

We have a team of experts for the best iPaaS platform, Celigo. This team, comprising Level 4 certified professionals, has so far completed more than 20 NetSuite – third-party product integration.

Oracle NetSuite is the #1 cloud ERP in the world that enables integration with third-party products. This ensures smooth data flow. The integration allows you to view and assess the real time data generated in the other system. It also helps you take informed decisions.

Imagine integrating your NetSuite account with eCommerce platforms such as Adobe Commerce (Magento), Shopify, or bigcommerce. NetSuite shares the customer details stored in it with the respective platform. In return, it gets purchase details, order status, shipping details and other vital real time information on the dashboard. This enables highly informed inventory planning and item shipping without delay.

If you are using SalesForce, HubSpot or any other CRM, then we can integrate them with NetSuite. This enables the syncing of CRM data.

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NetSuite Integration Methods

Jobin & Jismi serves its customers with two types of NetSuite Integration. They are: 

Direct integration:
In this method, our expert certified developers integrate NetSuite with your desired 3rd party system. The data flow can be either one-directional or bi-directional.

NetSuite data goes to third-party product or it retrieves the required information. It can be real time or scheduled.

In two-way integration NetSuite posts data to your third-party product and gets data from the other product. One can do it in real time or consider scheduling it. 

Experts from Jobin & Jismi examine and identify your NetSuite integration requirement. They also understand and propose the best way in which you can achieve your business objectives. Our team analyzes and documents the requirements and further maps the data points that will communicate with each other. 

Our NetSuite integration developers use SuiteScript 2.0, REST API or SOAP API and Suitelet to complete the integration process. Suitelet is less preferred as it uses a direct open URL as an API.  

iPaaS integration:

iPaaS stands for Integration Platform as a Service. In NetSuite integration with connectors such as Celigo, NetSuite Connector, Dell Boomi, the integration developers enable the flow. They also map the data points. This ensures seamless data flow between the systems.

We have so far integrated more than 40+ integrations using the iPaaS solutions and 20+ are exclusively using Celigo. Jobin & Jismi is a partner of Celigo and we have Level 4 Legendary certified resources. This is for exclusively integrating other third-party systems with NetSuite. We are also experts in NetSuite Connector and Dell Boomi.

We first understand the requirements of our customer with an open mindset and then propose the best method with pros and cons. This helps the customer to select the best method by having maximum information at their disposal. 

If the customer wants us to choose the methodology, then we consider the following criteria for the selection process.

    • Objective: Our NetSuite Integration team considers the objective of the integration and chooses the most suitable method. 
    • Go To Market Time: This receives utmost importance during method selection. Our team does the integration within the stipulated time. This ensures that the client gets the Return on Investment (ROI) as early as possible.
    • Price: We choose cost effective methods to provide service (Please note that we will not opt for a method just because it is cheap).

Our NetSuite Integration Expertise

We have more than a decade of experience in NetSuite integration even during the time of SuiteScript 1.0. Our 40+ NetSuite developers, including multiple certified resources, are able to cater for highly complex integration scenarios.  

We believe that customer is king. Hence, we ensure project objective before delivery. Our dedicated quality assurance team specializes in NetSuite integration testing without letting any bug go undetected. 

We are privileged to be the NetSuiteExpertise in ERPbadge holder. One of the biggest recognitions NetSuite grants its solution providers. We are always responsible for what we do and our integrations do come with a warranty. We promise that our support team will help you always.

Our NetSuite Integration Engagement Model

Our experts identify and commit to the NetSuite integration requirements along with our implementation proposal or cater to the integration as a standalone service. We have two flexible methods:

Time and Material: In this method, we understand the requirement and submit a proposal. It contains the ideal time, cost, and expected delivery date.  

Milestone: The customer gives our team an RFQ (Request For Quote)/ RFP (Request For Proposal) document. It contains all the integration details, and we submit a quote with the price and expected delivery date.  

Please note that we are open to other engagement models and more happy to discuss them with you.

NetSuite Integration Service to Partners (NISP)

Jobin & Jismi assists other NetSuite partners in the NetSuite Integration requirements to their customers. It can be a joint effort, or the partner can purchase the NetSuite Integration service from us. One can then rebrand it and sell it to customers. To know more, kindly contact us

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NetSuite cloud ERP is very flexible, so you can easily make it work with other systems. You can directly integrate NetSuite with other products using SuiteTalk and RESTlet. One can also make use of middlewares such as NetSuite Connector, Celigo, and Dell Boomi.

NetSuite gives eCommerce businesses a strong backend system to keep everything clear and organized. With NetSuite's help, you can work better, manage your inventory, make customers happier, and take care of a lot more for your eCommerce business. 

Jobin & Jismi is a top partner for NetSuite integration, and we have a stellar track record of doing it for more than ten years. We help businesses connect everything smoothly and skillfully, using our expertise and know-how! 

If you are planning for a CRM and not selected yet, please consider NetSuite CRM.
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