21 Sep, 2020

Top 6 Criteria for Choosing a NetSuite Partner

The rapid growth of technology has a tremendous impact on the business world. People are shifting from traditional tactics to digital space and automate their business activities. Therefore, finding novel expertise in digital space defines the success of any business. However, self automation is the driving factor for the fastest business growth and evokes a need for a superior ERP platform to deal with their requirements.

Several experts are offering ERP and business solutions. But, choosing the right one according to your requirement is a difficult task. Most often organizations have to compromise with the features of ERP applications available in the market. However, every business requires an ERP application customized to their needs. Oracle, the most trusted software developer offers NetSuite the #1 Cloud ERP solution which can be tailored to fit your needs. Netsuite ERP gives a multidimensional view of multiple business operations and facilitates remote working. This saves time, effort, and enhances efficiency.

Why Choose NetSuite?

There are several factors that influence business firms, to make a business transition with NetSuite, some of these reasons are as follows.

Easy to learn: NetSuite is a highly scalable solution with less associated complexities to operate. It is user friendly with easy working conditions.
Easy to adopt: NetSuite highly flexible, and any businesses can make use of the benefits of NetSuite ERP. It can integrate into any third-party system. The unique business requirements may easily be captured by NetSuite customization features.
Easy to implement: NetSuite can implement with ease.
Large ecosystems: NetSuite can accommodate any business size very effectively and efficiently.
Mass personalization: The system possesses features to run highly customized functions in a very easy way.

Oracle NetSuite marks its benefits with its flexibility and scalability and can be suited for all business needs to improve its productivity and rapid business growth. NetSuite ERP offers centralized management of the business functions. Business organizations can customize this application to suit their nature and operational needs. Integrating the business system with NetSuite ERP provides a bird’s eye view to leverage the operations and promptly solve the loopholes.

It provides a data storing system with a single database which can be organized regularly providing better results and outcome for the users. NetSuite ERP brings together a unified package in a single platform. This includes Customer relationship management financial process, supply chain, and inventory management as well as business intelligence. Eventually, your business will make a  Thus will result in Improved planning and resource management thereby finding an efficient business solution.

Choosing The Right NetSuite Partner

If you decide to go with a NetSuite ERP for your business, to increase its scalability and efficiency operations you need to think of the best NetSuite partner available for your business concerns. 

By Choosing NetSuite ERP  you have walked halfway, but the right solution will get the best recognition only when your business goals get realized with the help of the best NetSuite partner.

Here are some factors to consider when looking for a good NetSuite partner:

1. Industry Expertise

While deciding to go with a partner for your NetSuite ERP requirements, you need to be very careful about choosing a partner with ample experiences in rendering services to many organizations. Industry expertise is very important because the practical experience can make a lot more difference than going on with a partner who lacks experience and newbie to the industry.

2. Certifications

Another easy way to assess the credibility of a NetSuite partner firm is to check whether they have certified or not. Certification is an authorized recognition which accounts for partner credibility and standards.

3. References and Reviews

Look for a partner with great references, check for personal reviews from their previous clients about their experience being attached to this particular firm. References help you find a good implementation partner and reviews make it easier to decide the best partners.

4. The Response Towards Your Flexibility, Customization, and Integration Demands

Your partner can bend toward all your business needs by suggesting the required customizations and integration demands to align your business more closely with NetSuite functions. 

5. Knowledge Transfer and Training

Before proceeding with the Go live, make it mandatory to equip your employees with apt skills to start operations with NetSuite ERP. Your NetSuite implementation partner should provide efficient knowledge transfer and NetSuite training to the employees associated with your organizations.

6. Post-Go-Live Support

After the implementation Go live, you need to avail of extended support from your NetSuite implementation partners. There might be chances of arising issues as we are going to operate on an entirely new system for business operations. But what we need is a team to support at the time in which issues as they emerge. You need to find a responsible partner, who is accountable for providing post-Go-live support. 

NetSuite has outstanding functionalities to enable business success. The success of implementation depends on the many factors including the error-free implementation as the most important among them. Let NetSuite allow your business to reach heights. Find the best partner to support your implementation to avail of the benefits.

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