31 Jul, 2020

How Cloud ERP Help Your Business in Pandemic Outbreak

The pandemic has changed the equations in total. The world has undergone a paradigm shift and changed the ordinary pattern of running the business and taking care of life in general. It is identifiable that the business world finds it a bit difficult to fit into the new normal. Companies have adopted remote working patterns and this transition counts a great deal in business operation. The businesses need a transition maker for the efficient running of the business operations. This game-changer should be compatible enough to evade the obstacles which delay the business process or else to run the business more efficiently with these changed circumstances.

This is where NetSuite, the #1 Cloud ERP solution to mark a greater transition for your business.

ERP is regarded as one of the emerging options with the abilities to transform your business into a success by generating more profit.

How ERP Can Safeguard Your Business

The industrial sector is struggling to serve in the COVID -19 induced atmosphere. Those who got hard-hit are due to this pandemic are the dining, hospitality, travel, and allied industries. And some other industries are battling with a decentralized workforce with a legacy system of centralized access which makes the process very difficult to run. So let’s get into understanding how to provide a relaxed working during this situation.

With NetSuite ERP you can safeguard your business by utilizing the below-mentioned benefits.

1. Pre Plan Multiple Scenarios

Making better decisions and plans will render business success. Preparedness is a defense mechanism to forecast the challenges and prepare to cope with the change before it arrives. This will accelerate a quick decision-making process and creates a path to transform future difficulties into opportunities.

A strong plan is an important factor to fight against revenue falls by analyzing and foreseeing the future challenges. Adopting NetSuite analytics tools in businesses can help you to plan for the forthcoming multiple scenarios and generate sustained revenue. Business intelligence tools are strategically proven to make informed decisions by forecasting challenges and make a plan to prepare for multiple worst-cases and accelerate revenue declines throughout 2020.

2. Stabilize Cash Flow

With NetSuite ERP, companies can stabilize cash flow. For instance, B2B companies can make their base projections by analyzing the operations of industries that they serve. In the case of business eCommerce divisions, they might have lifted their substantial income in certain product categories during the pandemic eg: Mask, sanitizers, etc. So Businesses can cope with the market by rendering services through online web stores. eCommerce business can gain maximum benefits with eCommerce capabilities. They can stabilize cash flow over the next few months. The organizations can hold on to the market effectively by building a client base online when a broad economic recovery takes hold.

3. Can Focus on Customer Retention

Customer retention rate counts the most in a normal economy. Customer retention is critical in measuring a company's overall performance. In concern with today’s business atmosphere, it is advised to maintain the customers than to acquire a new one. NetSuite CRM ensures proper communication and delivers effective customer engagement.  Through NetSuite, the organization can retain customers, and with effective marketing channels revise the probability of getting customers.

4. Can Focus on Customer Retention

NetSuite facilitates running the business functions through an effective, efficient, and safe mode of operations, providing the highest data security and universal accessibility. NetSuite coordinates various fragmented activities into a single platform and centralizes processes. With NetSuite, you can continue to own your business operations successfully with outstanding capabilities and business performance.

5. Flexibility to Work from Anywhere

As the COVID-19  has become widespread, the workforces are pressurized to stay at home and follow remote working patterns. Organizations with a cloud ERP solution can manage their employees working remotely. However, those organizations that are not familiar with cloud ERP solutions have to go for a transition to cloud solutions.  NetSuite ERP operates on the cloud with the highest data security and integrity. NetSuite caters to the demand for universal data access thus providing an efficient operational environment for business. 

6. Tracking and Recording of Services and Issues

NetSuite ERP possesses exceptional functionalities to get a proper track of the activities and services running in the organization. It records issues and ensures sufficient and effective support,  extended to tackle emerging issues.

7. 360-Degree Customer Visibility

NetSuite ERP provides the business to get a 360-degree view of a customer. This helps to maintain customer data together.  The businesses can record all the basic contact information on customers which includes their previous purchases and customer interactions.  

NetSuite ERP offers a 360-degree customer view with which businesses can customize service delivery concerning customer interest.

8. Effective Management of Marketing Strategies

Companies can stay on the mainstream with the automated marketing features offered by  NetSuite ERP. With  NetSuite ERP, Companies can run their automated marketing campaigns to multiple channels with consistency in marketing, more effectively.

9. Realign Your Organization

NetSuite helps you to realign your business with the unprecedented circumstances meted out by COVID 19. NetSuite ERP can help you to manage your business with the orderly allocation of resources and allows proper communication between various departments and cross channels decentralized across various geographies. NetSuite can optimize the business process even if the operations are decentralized or distributed across the geographies.


The current pandemic holds opportunities for your business organizations to grow and progress. You need to stay on the mainland to find those opportunities. NetSuite ERP will help you to seize them.

With, NetSuite ERP you can run your business effortlessly and can reorganize and decentralize functions in a centralized platform. This ensures enhanced process efficiency and the highest business performance.

NetSuite ERP has the potential to seize the opportunities which may emerge in the post-pandemic economy. Hence, it is important to keep updated for elevating the results. Plan your business journey and attain maximized benefits with outstanding features.

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