How to Improve CRM Activities Using NetSuite Custom Reports

Service Retail | USA


Client Portfolio

A technology platform based in the USA, specializing in self-service retail, approached us to establish effective tracking of their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activities. They found that efficiently managing leads and customers required accurate data on conversions and time periods. This information is crucial for making informed decisions in various business activities.

Problem Statement

Our client encountered a significant challenge in effectively tracking CRM activities, specifically in comprehending the lead-prospect-customer conversion status during various intervals. The lack of detailed activity reports posed a hindrance to monitoring sales representatives’ activities and assessing the progress of opportunities across stages.  

In addition, certain information, including historical details of sales representatives, owner ID, and co-owner ID for different time periods, was missing from the standard system data offered by NetSuite in the Lead Record. Even when available, these facts tended to get mixed up within the system information, creating challenges in tracking changes to each field value. Recognizing these limitations, our client sought a solution to boost CRM activity tracking and acquire valuable insights into the performance of sales representatives.

What We Suggested

To address these issues, our team of professionals proposed a solution that leverages custom records for data capture and utilizes the customization reports option to monitor changes in values within lead record. The key suggestions included: 

1.Opportunity Activity Reports:

Designed NetSuite custom reports to track activities related to opportunities, incorporating custom stage creation and changes in each step to monitor lead-prospect-customer conversion.

It consists of multiple filters, enabling users to sort out data. This includes selecting a specific sales rep, defining a date range, and even allowing the user to directly view the total opportunity count.

2.Sales Rep Performance:

Implementing reports for analyzing insights into sales rep activities over different periods, facilitating necessary actions. 

Users have the option to download these reports in CSV format for further analysis. 

 3.Lead Record Customization: 

Creating a custom record to store changed data, including sales rep details, owner ID, and co-owner ID, triggered using NetSuite workflow capability. 

This information is systematically organized under a sub-tab within the lead record, ensuring easy accessibility. 


While working within a specific time range, the stage status may undergo updates, and the most recent status will be reflected. For example, even if we choose a date from the previous month, the customer status may be marked as ‘closed-won,’ representing the final stage. However, with our customization, the stage relevant to that specific range will be displayed. This enables identifying the stage for a particular period and tracking its transition to the next stage.

Customer Success 

The report regarding CRM activities resulted in significant achievements for our client which include:

Enhanced Visibility: The custom reports offered clear insights into CRM activities, elevating visibility into lead conversion stages and improving the overall assessment of sales representative performance. 

Improved Data Accessibility: The record facilitated easy access to critical information previously unavailable in the standard system. This led to more informed decision-making. 

Optimized Reporting: Custom reports enabled the client to track CRM activities systematically and gain actionable insights. 

Key Achievements: 

Reduced manual tasks by 60%

Optimized Sales Rep activities

Way Forward

The implementation of custom reports, equipped with filters displaying historical data, and the creation of records have empowered our client to make more informed decisions regarding customer management and sales-related activities. This enhancement enables them to efficiently track and update CRM and sales rep activities, resulting in a substantial increase in productivity. 

Are you seeking customized reports to enhance your CRM activities? Do you need to track changes in NetSuite records and access them conveniently under a subtab? Our expert team is here to assist you. Feel free to reach out to discuss your specific needs and discover tailored solutions for your business.