27 May, 2022

How NetSuite 360 Helps with Cash Flow

Oracle NetSuite unveiled Cash 360 on January 19, 2022 to help organizations make effective financial decisions and enhance forecasts. Cash 360, which is integrated with NetSuite, helps businesses handle cashflow more effectively through offering a real-time picture of their cash position and the ability to generate quick and accurate near-term forecasts. 

Cash 360 is an automated solution incorporated within NetSuite that improves forecasting accuracy and saves accounting department’s time. NetSuite users may use Cash 360 to benefit from an easier and more expedited financial planning process, giving them more confidence in their financial choices. 

Cash Management: A new dashboard that helps customers increase cash flow visibility through monitoring invoices, payments, and cash reserves in real lifetime. Customers can evaluate current cash flow trends as well as a continuous six-month cash flow forecast to make better decisions. 

Cash flow Forecast: Customers can better calculate revenue, considering multiple data points such as funding sources, planned spending, sales forecasts, billing schedules, and applying historical averages to recent AR and AP transaction data. A new tool to help you create accurate forecasts. Configurable solutions allow clients to include one-off cash inflows and outflows, such as financing and equity investments, in their forecasting process.  

When Oracle NetSuite Cash 360 is combined with other NetSuite features like automated billing processes, reconcile bank, workflow, and budget verification, businesses gain increased accounting efficiencies, better control over cash inflows and outflows, and more flexibility when making financial decisions.  

Oracle NetSuite Information

Oracle NetSuite has been assisting businesses in growing, scaling, and adapting to change for over 20 years. More than 28,000 clients in 215 countries and dependent territories utilize NetSuite comprehensive solutions, which incorporates financial statements / Enterprise systems (ERP), inventory control, HR, business services automation, and omnichannel commerce. 

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