25 Feb, 2021

NetSuite Google Apps Integration

Integrating NetSuite and Google Apps (Google Workspace) form a powerful duo that can vastly improve your business operations. Businesses can utilize the integration to boost productivity and accelerate business growth.

Google provides a range of cloud-based web applications like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc that can be integrated with NetSuite. 

Businesses often face the issue of importing, exporting, and mapping data properly between the ERP system and their productivity suite.

Benefits of NetSuite Integration with Google

NetSuite provides contextual integration with Gmail, which means NetSuite users can access relevant data from their email in real-time.

Here we discuss some of the key benefits of NetSuite Google Apps integration:

1. Navigate Easily

NetSuite users can easily navigate from Google applications to NetSuite without going through the trouble of signing-in twice.

2. Access Mails in NetSuite

Once integrated, users can check on key information in Gmail and navigate to NetSuite based on it. They can also create contacts, companies, tasks, etc from within Gmail.

3. Synchronize Gmail with NetSuite Records

Monitor and track key Gmail communications and attach them to NetSuite records.

4. Google Docs and NetSuite

Google Docs can be accessed in NetSuite easily. Integrating NetSuite with Google Docs boosts the internal processes and automates the business operations.

5. Sync Your Dates

Synchronize NetSuite calendar with Google Calendar and meticulously plan your schedules.

6. Manage Your Contacts

Manage both NetSuite and Google Contacts by providing access to shared Google Contacts.

NetSuite Google Maps Integration: Why Is It Relevant?

Google map is an integral part of the Google Apps providing various features like real-time traffic and street views, aerial photography, and satellite imagery. When integrated with NetSuite, the duo becomes immensely powerful. 

Here is why:

Google map provides the precise location of a business or vendor. When you integrate NetSuite with Google map, it is possible to have real-time information about these relevant entities in your NetSuite application. 

Businesses and customers feel safe when they can track their shipments. Google map is capable of providing key information regarding shipments like estimated time of delivery/arrival of goods, location of staff,  ascertain best possible supply routes, etc. 

From a NetSuite user perspective, the integration reaps several benefits. For example, Google map can be linked to any NetSuite record with an address. This can be accessed by other departments with authorization access, thus streamlining the business process, so that everyone in the organization is on the same page. 

Since NetSuite is well known for its customization benefits, adding Google Maps into the ERP solution will only enhance the personalization. Specific shipment paths can be color-coded to easily understand specific route alignment.

Google Merchant Center Customer Review Integration with NetSuite

Online reviews are more important than ever. Users nowadays often look for that verified buyer tick and authentic reviews while deciding on a purchase. The aim of Google Merchant center is to provide product information like pictures of the product and pricing. 

Google merchant center’s Google customer reviews provide opt-in surveys and review badges. 

NetSuite recognizes the need for online ratings and has provided the option to integrate with Google customer reviews. When integrated these ratings can be placed on your online eCommerce site to boost your business. 

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