Auto Complete Address in BigCommerce Website Using Google API

Pipeline Solutions | New Zealand


Think of a situation where you need to purchase a product or obtain help from a specific provider through a website. Entering your address manually can be error-prone and time-consuming as there is a risk of misspelling.  

Picture this scenario where initial input automatically populates the address field. Let's check a request on this.  

Client Portfolio  

A New Zealand-based pipeline supply and support provider approached us with an automation request. Their clients have to manually input addresses when purchasing a product or seeking support. As they deliver essential household products and support, accurately finding their clients' locations is important for them.

Problem Statement

Our client faced a significant issue in accurately collecting and managing customer addresses on their BigCommerce website. Manual entry resulted in errors in address data, causing logistical complications and disrupting the smooth flow of transportation. The New Zealand company was looking to automate the customer addresses filling to ensure precision. They also wanted to expedite the order fulfillment process.

What We Suggested

In response to the client’s needs, we recommended integrating their BigCommerce website with the Google API. This integration ensures automatic filling of address fields when customers start entering the first few characters of their location. Initially, users need to provide the country name before selecting the address field. 

The system displays a list of corresponding addresses, giving users accurate options for selection. This user-friendly solution works effectively across various countries. It ensures accurate presentation of addresses. 


Key Features of the Suggested Solution:  

Google API Integration: By integrating with Google API, we enable real-time address suggestions based on user input.  

Global Compatibility: Our solution caters to customers worldwide, accommodating addresses from various countries and regions.  

Location Selection: Customers also have the option to select the delivery location. This way, they can collect the product from a nearby location without any delivery payment.

Customer Success

With this implementation, customers now experience a smoother address entry process, minimizing errors and enhancing overall satisfaction. Additionally, a new feature allows customers to select their preferred product pickup location without any upfront payment. This addresses the diverse needs of customers who prefer to collect orders from nearby centers.

Key Achievements:  

Reduced manual typing of entire address information  

Eliminated address tracking issues

Way Forward

The integration of the BigCommerce website with Google API has enabled the auto-population of addresses, removing tracking errors and ensuring accurate location information. This allows them to reach their customers’ locations and deliver products and support at the right time.  

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