NetSuite Google Drive Integration


Google Drive offers a free online platform to store files and access them from anywhere through the cloud. One of our Australia based customers wanted NetSuite – Google Drive Integration so that they can upload documents to Google Drive and that can be used for their further business processes.

Jobin & Jismi has a successful history of integrations on their business journey – Google Drive integration -was one of them. The Google Drive integration ensures to provide the following functionalities including upload file, add a folder, showing shared files, refresh, preview files, delete files, download files, rename files and with the logout button.

Requirement of NetSuite – Google Drive Integration

Sharing NetSuite files with Google Drive – makes a client to store their files in a cloud environment and results in saving money. That means, NetSuite storage fees can be reduced. And also it allows sharing files with the corresponding entities during meetings so that they need not send files on any other way in prior.

Our client required NetSuite – Google Drive Integration so that they can able to make the file uploading and downloading process easily. They need to upload the files that are generated from NetSuite to Google Drive. So they can ensure the easy handling of files and documents.

Challenges of NetSuite – Google Drive Integration

NetSuite supports third-party integrations and with itself is challenging. Using the REST API to Google’s file synchronization was a challenging part of the development of Google Drive integration.

Our Solution for NetSuite – Google Drive Integration

As we have wide experience in providing NetSuite integration solutions we were relaxed while doing this integration. We have developed a script to enable NetSuite – Google Drive Integration option on the corresponding NetSuite record. This script applied to any records in NetSuite such as customer, sales order, invoice etc. so that it enables Google Drive sub tab on that particular record. By using this subtab the user can integrate files from NetSuite to Google Drive.


While clicking on this ‘Google Drive’ sub tab it opens a login option, that asks the Google credentials. The credentials are verified by checking whether the user has access to the shared parent folder. After giving the correct credentials it will log in to a Google Drive folder.

For this integration, Google Drive API helps to upload and download files in Google Drive. The drive environment provides a group of API’s libraries and samples. Files can be searched using files.list method of drive API. Drive automatically uses file types. These apps can manage permissions and also sharing settings of files.

To begin the integration process with Google Drive API our team enables the drive API within the cloud platform and also set up configuration details. This further gives access to UI integration features. The Google Drive apps allow sharing of files including the comments and discussion features.

Every request sent to the drive API must include an authorization token. It uses for identifying our application on google.

Our development team has developed a solution for uploading a file, adding a folder, log out, refreshing, and also showing shared files. For each button is having its own functionalities.  Refresh button refreshes the integration folder. Upload file button uploads files using the conventional upload file window. Add folder button is for adding a new folder. By this NetSuite – Google Drive integration, we can add additional folders into it. ‘Show shared files only’ – this button shows all the files in the drive that are shared as public. Our team also provided a provision to remove files using the delete button. Previewing files can be done using the ‘preview button’ and can cycle through other file previews. Finally, the logout button ensures a safe exit from the session.


Jobin & Jismi has successfully completed NetSuite – Google Drive Integration. Our integration solution supports uploading files from NetSuite to Google Drive. It allows making new folders with new names on Google Drive. Our NetSuite Integration team provides a Google Drive tab on the required NetSuite record. Thus Google Drive offers file storage and synchronization service offered by Google.

NetSuite – Google Drive integration mainly focuses and helps our client’s documentation process. This integration helps to store files online as well as these files are available to all authorised users. The custom dashboard placed under ‘Google Drive’ subtab of a NetSuite record using user-event Script. Each folder name of NetSuite record on Google Drive is stored in a custom record.

    • Upload a file
    • Drag and drop multiple files to upload
    • Create/Delete/Rename folder
    • Rename/Delete file
    • The icon shown for each file will represent the file type
    • Preview different files
    • Download single/multiple files