11 Jun, 2021

NetSuite Vs Infor CloudSuite

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is taking hold of the business sector day by day. Without the right ERP tool at your disposal, competitions often become one-sided. Here we are comparing two crucial ERP tools - Oracle NetSuite and Infor CloudSuite. Read our blog to get a detailed overview of both the systems - their features, comparisons, and our take on it.

Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite is the #1 cloud-based ERP software that can run mission-critical processes with ease. As a result, businesses can continue to focus on what they do best and respond quickly and boldly to arising market opportunities. NetSuite ERP provides businesses with complete insight and control of their operations. 

1. Fits Across All Industries

NetSuite serves a wide range of sectors: Manufacturing, Software, Wholesale Distribution, Professional Services, Nonprofits, and Retail/E-commerce companies.

2. Modular Pricing

Pick and license the modules your business needs. Business owners can drastically reduce the TCO through this method.

3. NetSuite Integration

Easily integrate with other third-party applications with NetSuite using its robust APIs. Famous NetSuite integrations include NetSuite - Shopify, NetSuite - Salesforce, and countless more.

4. Real-time Visibility

Make informed and data-backed decisions instantaneously. Timing the market is critical and NetSuite provides key metrics and data in real-time to make decisions.

5. Customization

NetSuite is well-known for its customization capabilities that can align with all your unique business needs.

Infor CloudSuite

Infor CloudSuite is a feature-rich, scalable ERP system that can run on-premises or in the cloud (built-on AWS). Infor supports industries ranging from manufacturing, public sector, retail, to healthcare. 

1. Reliable

Infor CloudSuite solutions are fault-tolerant and can self-recover from hardware breakdowns. Each AWS (Amazon Web Services) region includes numerous availability zones, which rely on various utility and telecommunications providers to reduce the risk of many zones failing at the same time.

2. Performance

Infor ERP takes advantage of more than 50 services provided by AWS to optimize compute performance, data persistence, networking, caching, monitoring, and incident response.

3. Scalability

Infor CloudSuite solutions leverage AWS features such as auto-scaling to provide a highly scalable on-demand performance.

Capacity is actively added and removed based on usage patterns and key performance indicators.

4. Agility

Infor has built an innovative continuous integration and deployment pipeline that enables developers to quickly build, test and deploy cloud suite enhancements across AWS. With this, users benefit from quick product upgrades and do not need expensive upgrades.

Compare NetSuite vs Infor CloudSuite

• Cloud ERP

NetSuite is a true cloud-based business management system. Infor on the other hand is primarily an on-premise solution that was rebuilt for the cloud and hosted on AWS, rather than being created for the cloud. It is not written with a single line of code on a unified data model.

• Real-time data vs ION

NetSuite offers real-time data throughout its system across all the modules, whereas Infor utilizes a middleware layer known as ION (Intelligent Open Network) to communicate with disparate Infor functionalities (modules), meaning reconciliation of data is required between modules and databases.

• True ERP Value

NetSuite extends the value of ERP through the Platform. Infor utilizes a few development platforms for Cloud development consisting of Mongoose, Infor OS, and ION for scripting, workflow, and extending applications.

• Implementation

NetSuite implementations have a fixed budget and rarely deviate from the original price. Infor Implementation is dependent on time and expense and therefore budget increases are likely. This may also affect your project go-live date as well as your company’s bottom line.

Features - Oracle NetSuite vs Infor CloudSuite


Features NetSuite Infor
True Cloud Yes Add-On
Partner App Store Yes Yes
Mobiles Yes Yes
Seamless Upgrades Yes Add-On
Ease of Customization Yes Add-On
Single Data Model Yes No
All Customers on the Latest Version Yes No


Features NetSuite Infor
Financial Consolidation Yes Yes
Globalization/Localization Yes Add-On
Revenue Recognition Yes Add-On
Subscription Billing Yes Yes
Dashboards & KPIs Yes Yes
Native Customizable Reporting Yes Add-On

Supply Chain Management

Features NetSuite Infor
Order Management Yes Add-On
Production Management Yes Yes
Inventory Yes Yes
Warehouse and Fulfilment Yes Yes
Procurement Yes Yes

Production and Manufacturing

Features NetSuite Infor
Work Orders and Assembly Yes Yes
Work in Progress and Routing Yes Yes
Demand/Supply Planning and Forecasting Yes Add-On
Materials Requirement Planning Yes Yes
Configurator Add-On Add-On
Quality Management Yes Yes

Customer Relationship Management

Features NetSuite Infor
Salesforce, Automation Yes Add-On
Customer Service Yes Yes
Marketing Automation Yes Add-On
Sales Reporting and Analysis Yes Yes

Professional Services Automation

Features NetSuite Infor
Project Management Yes Add-On
Project Accounting Yes Yes
Resource Management Yes Yes
Timesheet Management Yes Yes
Expense Management Yes Yes
Billing Yes Yes
Agile Project Management Add-On Add-On
Collaboration Tool No Add-On

Omnichannel Commerce

Features NetSuite Infor
Unified, Real-time Omnichannel Yes Add-On
Strong, Native B2B Functionality Yes Add-On
Embedded Promotions tool Yes Yes
Content Manager Tools Yes Yes

Human Capital Management

Features NetSuite Infor
Unified platform for HR, Payroll and ERP Yes Add-On
Workforce Reporting and Analytics Yes Yes
Configurability by End-User Yes Yes
Global HR Yes Yes


NetSuite is ideal for a small to medium business with remote employees. It may be more expensive than other on-premise ERP systems, but the overall capital expenditure is considerably lower than legacy on-premise systems. 

When compared to Infor, NetSuite has a much lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). NetSuite provides better customer service and support through phone, email, live support, and tickets compared whereas Infor only provides email support. 

Note that NetSuite is known for supporting multiple languages including Chinese, English, french, german, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. 

How to Implement?

Infor employs a partner network for its software implementation of Infor ERP. Their pre-configured set of Infor implementation Accelerators offer quick implementation compared to its counterparts. 

NetSuite offers direct company implementation as well as through channel or alliance partners. Similar to Infor’s implementation accelerators, NetSuite offers its SuiteSuccess module with pre-configured solutions. 

Choose a NetSuite Alliance partner like Jobin & Jismi for seamless NetSuite implementation experience.  Talk to our NetSuite certified experts today.