17 Jun, 2021

Role of ERP in Operations Management

Businesses always depend on technology to control day-to-day operations. Many people choose to switch to the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform because it can provide many functions and improve business operations and productivity. ERP software systems are used to regulate, streamline, and combine business functions like finance, human resources, procurement, distribution, and other departments, within a centralized and integrated system. An efficient ERP software system automates a larger part of management processes and allows access to real-time reports.

The Business Value of ERP

It’s impractical to ignore the effect of ERP in today’s business world. ERP systems incorporate an organization's data and processes, in which businesses deploys different departments and promote workflows, leading to significant profits.

• Integrated Systems

• Better Information Management

• Consistent Infrastructure

• Improved Efficiency

• Real-Time Access of Business Data from Everywhere

• Reduce Manual Processes

• Improved Productivity

• Customer Relationship Management

• Lower Operational Costs Through Streamlined Business Process

Which Industries Need ERPs?

All industries are benefited with an ERP software system. It provides an effective tool for managing data, leading projects, and managing the day-to-day running of the business. ERP software systems implement in various industries, including, but not limited to, the following:

• Healthcare and Hospitality

• Electronics and Technology

• Manufacturing

• Construction

Farming and Agriculture

• Aerospace and Defense

• Clothing, Consumer Goods and Retail

• Food and Beverage

Benefits of ERP System in Operation Management

Customer Relationship Management

For an enterprise, there is nothing more important than the customer. Nowadays, an enterprise allows a user to access a customer portal and search product availability, delivery time, and price of the product. The ERP software system stores and provides accurate information to the customer for a better experience.

Enhance Production Scheduling

The ERP system manages the material that arrives in the organization, when ordered, and its lifespan. Each process is planned and tracked using ERP systems. It helps in efficient scheduling and maintenance of employees to increase asset performance and production schedule.

Supply Chain and Warehouse Coordination

Enterprises are integrating their ERP software systems with the working of supply chain systems. It helps to access required information and understanding of multiple languages and currencies. ERP innovatively automates the whole supply chain functions, making its customer experience more responsible. Powerful supply chain management smoothly handles warehouse processes like enough stock levels at all times. ERP systems have methods to help warehouse functions such as serial tracking, stock management, lot number, and multi-location stock transfers.

Supplier and Partnership

As your enterprise grows, your distribution network and alliances may become more complex. An ERP system improves access to documents such as contracts, pricing orders, and authorization data to promote business activities. The delivery lead times of the supplier stored within the system assists with production planning and inventory management.

Human Resources

Every aspect of human resource management can be well-organized to improve business operations. An efficient human resources management method within your ERP system helps to automate and accelerate all those challenges your HR department might face.

Is NetSuite Good for Your Business?

NetSuite is very useful from start to the end of a business solution. NetSuite software helps a company to manage all its activities efficiently by integrating them into a single system.

Why Choose NetSuite ERP?

• Efficient Management System

The automation of daily operations like order management, financial management and cash collection reduce the number of employees needed in your organization.

• Improves Visibility

To make decisions, it is important to have real-time visibility. Hence data can be obtained from any place and at any moment without wasting the resources on the information extraction. This has made each  process accurate and quick.

• Increase Data Security

NetSuite Cloud ERP software made with several layers of encryption to secure important data confirms that they are safely stored. Any employee can easily access individual accounts, which is controlled by an admin panel.

• Reduce Operating Cost

NetSuite ERP vendors help in the maintenance and updation of the ERP system automatically unlike legacy systems that require constant maintenance - like office space, IT supporter, repair, electricity and upgrade.

• Communication

Efficient communication between various departments and interrelated subdivisions is possible within Netsuite ERP. 

If you want to apply a user-friendly, easily accessible Netsuite ERP system in your firm. Get in touch with the experts of Jobin & Jismi.