20 Oct, 2020

ERP For Agriculture Industry

Agriculture is an essential part of every economy. It’s an inestimable source for the sustainable economy of a country by maintaining the supply of food resources. Today, agro-industries are investing largely in progressive technology to retain in the mainstream by ensuring the flow of quality food supply. This in turn helps them to embrace higher productivity and be responsive to the fluctuating market crop prices by scientifically raising the operations and to achieve significant patterns of growth. However, machinery upgradations are not enough for this. The proper management of each process such as procurement, production, and distribution is also essential for this. Assistance of an ERP can easily streamline this process ensuring better performance.

ERP For Agriculture

Business in terms of agriculture requires a multifaceted approach. Hence, ERP for agriculture industry act as a strong and scalable solution for maintaining higher-end accountability for Agro business operation,  financial management, product distribution, purchase, sales, inventory as well as administrative services, and quality.

NetSuite ERP has the power to deliver high growth benefits for customers to strengthen all their back-office operations and financial processes. It is a web-hosted solution that can work in multiple platforms. NetSuite ERP accounts for the following established phase to ensure efficient and improved management of business operations.

How NetSuite Can Help in Winning This Transformation?

NetSuite ERP is the most advanced platform providing the best and productive farm management package globally. It encouraged the growth of several leading corporations in accomplishing profits and property owned business enterprises. The ERP empowers the agribusiness as an ascendible platform with which a business can prepare for the future as well. When talking about ERP for agriculture following are the most important advantages;

1. Helps in delivering optimized and efficient methods to spot and scale back wastage.

2. Inventory management benefits on inventory accounting, distribution, and shipment. It also helps to determine inventory spoilage.

3. Centralized management access to monitor, control, and maintain business processes including purchase, sales, inventory, and expenses in a single platform with higher-end data security.

4. High employee turnover through the optimization of business processes.

5. ERP for agriculture industry provides empowered back end operational values for inventory and producing, foretelling also to enhance compliance associated regulations.

6. Regulates financial operations by generating MIS reports concerning revenue balance early or monthly expenses.

7. ERP for agriculture delivers and set up a group of actions with consolidated information on inventory management and distribution, collectible assets, and sales.

8. Higher-end graphical data through dashboard/porta, pivot, bar graphs, and charts useful for assessing the progress, render business analysis, and forecast results.

Major Functionalities of NetSuite for Agriculture

NetSuite ERP for the agriculture industry has exceptional features to deal with different business aspects. Following are the major peculiarities:

Finance & Accounting

NetSuite has astounding features for finance and accounting solutions based on cloud software. It offers real-time financial processing stability for any volumes of data and helps in driving higher-end financial excellence. 

Crops Demand Profiles

The agriculture industry needs a technology that can predict the required inventory by analyzing the historical demand for the short life Cycle of the products. Demand planning modules of NetSuite fetch this need for agribusiness and promote business effectiveness. 

Financial Consolidation

NetSuite ERP for agriculture has the functionality to deliver operations on multiple levels of operations with multiple subsidiaries, currency, and language. It also helps to generate financial statements including income, cashflow balance sheet, etc within a single button click.

Financial Planning

Planning is crucial while dealing with agribusiness. We have to pull over connected plans to forecast sales and also to incorporate best practices to shine across the business world.


NetSuite CRM works in providing capabilities to dealing with automation on sales marketing as well as maintain cordial customer support and service maintenance.

Crops Management

NetSuite ERP for agriculture makes it easier to manage farm activities on a large scale including tilling, planting, pest detection and control, irrigation, fertilization, harvesting, and shipping. It also helps to ensure all activities are scheduled and run on time adhering to the farm protocol to ensure accountability in running the agriculture and the business.

Dairy Farm Produce Distribution

With an active advancement of the functionalities, livestock businesses can easily consolidate and regulate their operations by increasing the system accountability on quota-based sales to retail users and distributors, returning of spoilt/defected livestock, and enabling stores to sell through bulk booking.

Manufacturing & Quality

NetSuite ERP for agriculture allows businesses to monitor the production process. It can get the release and update of farm products timely by directly setting up plans to define processes, monitor plans, and actions on a real-time basis.

Farmpal Techlogi

NetSuite has a new mission to empower farmers to achieve competitive advantages. NetSuite introduces Farmpal Techlogi to connect the farmers with buyers. NetSuite envisioned creating a post-harvest supply chain with end-to-end support. It also has a wider level application from easy accessing of inventory and financial data to drive end-to-end operations and fast delivery of goods.

App Highlights

1. Easy association between hotels, retailers, and caterers in a shorter time.
2. Streamline operation across the agriculture supply chain.
3. Quick access to data.
4. Real-time visibility across the process.
5. Fast and quality delivery.
6. Easy access to inventory and financial data.
7. Monthly sales report generation.

The real challenge is to understand how to utilize the technology on par with improving in diverse industries. NetSuite ERP for agriculture has a larger scope for scaling up the business. The accurate realization and utilization of an ERP solution can bring the best advantages and produce higher-end transformations to the business. Netsuite is regarded as the best solution which is intuitive to bring better business advancements and progress feasibility to the agriculture industry. Make use of technology and enjoy outstanding benefits by establishing your business legacy.

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