15 Jan, 2020

How Your Business Process Is Upgraded by NetSuite Workflow

NetSuite workflows are inherent in building a powerful tool that allows a user to automate processes interlinked in their business. NetSuite workflow makes it easier for business firms to uniquely build their business with more easily accessible stands with limited intervention of script. The assigned structure for each workflow reduces uncertainties associated with business processes. The term 'workflow' can be used interchangeably as 'suiteflow' in a NetSuite contextual setting.

Versatile Automation & Structure

Oracle NetSuite workflow offers the capability to create and automate various functions, from collections management to purchase order approval. The unique structure allows rapid deployment to adapt to changing business needs, enhancing responsiveness and continual tracking of crucial steps. The system's powerful capabilities, including easily specified triggering events and a drag-and-drop tool, enable efficient diagramming of each step in the business process.

Custom Processes and Suite Flow 

Custom processes in NetSuite workflow accommodate unique business needs, such as specific approvals. Suite Flow associates records with a workflow of evaluations and transactions, guiding estimates to completion. Workflows can be created, customized, and edited through the workflow definition page, either with or without the need for a NetSuite developer. 

Flexible Scheduling and Conditions 

NetSuite workflow allows the creation, updating, viewing, and scheduling of workflows based on a user's timeline and schedule. Conditions and custom formulas define requirements for workflow initiation, providing flexibility and adaptability. The diagrammed feature of NetSuite workflow, employing a JavaScript-based editor, enables the addition and editing of states and transitions. This feature aids in identifying and organizing transitions, ensuring a smooth workflow from start to end. 

Context Panel 

The Context Panel serves as a useful tool for creating and editing states, actions, and transitions for custom fields. It provides a summary of action properties, aiding in tracking each stage of custom workflows. 

Some Basic Advantages of having NetSuite Workflow 

NetSuite workflow can easily be created and built for any unique business processes to embrace. The following are some of the key benefits of the NetSuite workflow. 

  • Helps to bring your specific business processes into NetSuite ERP 
  • Automate the manual processes 
  • Can build and customize unique model tailored for any businesses 
  • Offers graphical interface 
  • Minimal intervention of SuiteScript 
  • Employees can easily access, create and modify the workflow 

Workflows offer a more user-friendly experience in NetSuite, even without much technical or script-based knowledge for users. They enhance the entire business structure, creating a more responsive framework and offering a wide array of possibilities to overcome challenges in structuring processes. 

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