NetSuite Sales Reports with Graphical Views Using Custom Page

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The more picturized view of a data, the more you get focused, correct? What if you had a page to show your sales report for a specific period you choose in a graphical way? When managing multiple sales areas and different employees, it's crucial to understand how the operations are going each month to track better for further improvements. This case study illustrates how we've achieved this by empowering users to know sales reports on each section and specific employees in a time range. 

Client Portfolio 

An Australia-based electrical services provider operating in the domestic housing sector approached us to implement an efficient Sales Operations report with Graphical representations. They sought accurate reports to improve their sales process.

Problem Statement 

Our client, a prominent organization operating in various sectors such as underground, fit-off, and rough-in, faced challenges in their sales operations reporting. The CFO required detailed and graphical representations of sales data to make informed decisions. Currently, they relied on a complicated process of extracting sales data via saved searches, downloading reports to Excel, and manually creating graphs. This method was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Additionally, they needed insights into employee sick leave on an hourly basis within each section. The inefficiency in the existing reporting system called for a better solution.

What We Suggested

To address the client’s challenges, we proposed a custom sales operations report within NetSuite, incorporating graphical representations and enhanced user interactivity. 

1. Custom Sales Operations Report: 

Graphical Representations: Integrated graphical components using Vue.js to display sales data intuitively. 

Dynamic Data Filtering: Enabled users to select specific categories (underground, fit-off, rough-in) or customers to view sales data. 

2. Date Range Selection: 

Calendar Integration: Added a calendar feature allowing users to select start and end dates for the report. 

Default Period Setting: Set the default reporting period to six months, with the flexibility to adjust as needed. 

3. Interactive Graph Features: 

Data Exclusion: Provided the option to exclude specific data from the graph by clicking on the section, enabling focused analysis. 

4. Automated Data Retrieval: 

Suitelet Implementation: Utilized NetSuite’s Suitelet feature for efficient integration and data retrieval, reducing manual effort.


Implementing the custom sales operations report came with its own set of challenges: 

Data Integration: Ensuring accurate and real-time integration of sales data from various sections into the graphical report is a bit complex, as it involves filters from different sections and employees. More than 10 saved searches were incorporated to preview the final data.

Customer Success 

Our solution brought significant improvements to the client’s sales operations reporting, resulting in several key successes: 

1. Time Efficiency: 

Automated Reporting: Eliminated the need for manual data extraction and graph creation, saving considerable time. 

Quick Access: Enabled instant access to sales data and graphical reports with just a few clicks. 

2. Enhanced Data Analysis: 

Better Insights: Provided detailed insights into sales by section and customer, as well as employee sick leave data on an hourly basis. 

Interactive Graphs: Allowed users to focus on specific data by easily excluding irrelevant information from the graphs. 

3. User Satisfaction: 

Ease of Use: Delivered a user-friendly interface that simplified the reporting process for the CFO and other administrators. 

Customizable Reports: Enabled customization of date ranges and data categories, enhancing the flexibility of the reports. 

Key Achievements

Better graphical view on sales reports 

Eliminated Manual work by 90%

Way Forward

Looking ahead, the sales Operations report with Graphical view has helped our client understand the true sales for each department and for each customer and the hours loosed to labor unavailability. They have no need to download the reports manually and to create graphs. In just a click, you will get entire data in a time range you provide. 

Are you searching for a better sales representation tool? Do you need a more efficient process to track the sales data for your employees? Contact us today to improve your operations with our automated solution.