NetSuite Scheduled Script and Mass Update SuiteScripts



SuiteScripts is a NetSuite platform to automate and customize business operations, ensuring portability and developer productivity. Organisations may encounter situations where they need to mass update or delete records. And here is when the need for Scheduled SuiteScripts emerges. They are using for the processing of large, complex business operations against a set of data on a scheduled basis. NetSuite customization features allow this request to proceed further. 

One of our clients approached Jobin&Jismi, with a requirement to update 9000 custom site records under several departments with particular site details efficiently.

Challenges of suitescripts

Our client wants to update certain site details to a large number of customs records, which were categorized under several departments. There were almost 9000 records. Rather going through each record every time and updating the particular records with the specific information was out of the question.

The main challenges were how to simultaneously update a large number of records. Another challenge was that how to identify the particular custom site records under a specific category to manipulate the data in that record. As a result, the only option was creating scripts.

Our Solution

Finally, our expert Suite Script development team developed Scheduled scripts against a set of parameters to retrieve each custom records under particular departments on a scheduled basis. We scheduled mass updates as there are 9000 records, which needs updating.

Using Mass Update, we identify multiple records which need updating and updates particular field value that is outdated in respective records.


With the help of NetSuite SuiteScript, our team creates an efficient Scheduled Mass Update Script. This will update 9000 custom site records simultaneously with the specific site information that the client wanted. Our accomplishments:

    • To retrieve the custom site records under certain departments efficiently.
    • To update the custom site records simultaneously with the particular site details.