Optimizing Business Processes Of a Multi-subsidiary US Firm

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Client Portfolio  

One of our US-based customers is a prominent investment company specializing in the takeover of tech firms. Through acquisitions, this firm focused on providing technology management to its diverse customers spread around the globe.

Problem Statement

The American firm had already carried out more than 100 acquisitions when they contacted us. Their numerous subsidiaries in several countries were using a diverse range of ERP solutions. They ranged from SAP, Odoo, and Infor Cloud Suite to Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics 365. They were also using several other home-grown options.

In this scenario, the parent company faced great difficulty in managing them all. As a remedy, they decided to introduce Sales Force. They decided accordingly to take care of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). They also zeroed in on NetSuite to streamline all ERP-related activities and processes.

However, each subsidiary relied on a different business process. When they faced a roadblock, the parent company sought our help. They wanted us to unify all of them into a single process.

What We Suggested

Jobin & Jismi took up the challenge of unifying the business process for the firm based in the United States. As the first step, our team of experts implemented NetSuite in the company. They then began systematically adding each subsidiary with well-calculated precision.

While doing so, our experts faced a major hurdle. The subsidiaries in different countries had distinct tax systems in place. For each firm, our experts were able to implement the corresponding tax regime in NetSuite successfully.

Another uphill task was sanitizing the financial open data from each subsidiary and implementing it in NetSuite. Our team was able to do so by pooling their resources and leveraging their expertise and experience.

While the implementation was taking place, we faced stiff user reluctance. In many firms, the employees concerned were hesitant to shift. They were apprehensive about replacing their well-acquainted ERP solution with Oracle NetSuite.

Our experts took it as a challenge. They were able to pacify the obstinate resource persons in each subsidiary. They also convinced them about the merits of NetSuite and how it became a big hit globally.

We also imparted adequate training for the resource persons to make them well-equipped to handle the platform. Each time a subsidiary acquired new technology, we repeated the same process.

While this was taking place, another firm was simultaneously taking care of Salesforce implementation. Our experts also took care of the integration of NetSuite with the above-mentioned software.

The Result

Our successful intervention helped more than 180 subsidiaries of the American parent company. We were also able to help subsidiaries in 30-plus countries migrate to NetSuite. Our team worked on this project full time from 2016 to 2021. They comprised developers, consultants, financial consultants, testers, training team and project managers.

From the beginning till the end, they continuously worked in multiple shifts to ensure the project’s smooth completion. At the onset of the task, there were 14 team members and on completion there were 22 hands on board.

The successful completion of this mammoth project speaks volumes about our expertise and efficiency.

Jobin & Jismi ensures that our focus is on driving customer satisfaction. We do this by understanding client requirements and rolling out effective solutions for greater business growth.