5 Nov, 2020

4 Steps to Ensure Successful NetSuite Implementation

The business needs are never ending and every business enterprise is looking for a powerful business solution to meet these emerging requirements. The ability of Oracle to foresee this nature led to the development of NetSuite. A powerful cloud ERP solution that unifies the business process in a single platform. NetSuite always hits the first choice for a powerful ERP solution for industries of any type. With its amazing functionalities NetSuite drives businesses to achieve highly efficient and sustainable growth. 

NetSuite is considered as an invaluable asset for scaling up the business by improving the efficiency of business operations. NetSuite has high-end adaptability and flexibility to achieve and refresh business functions. 

NetSuite ERP implementation is generally defined as the process of aligning your business into NetSuite. The implementation is the most sophisticated yet more complex  process with a set of fragmented actions. These work together and constitute the building of well-defined business processes inside NetSuite ERP.

Why Implementation Process Important?

NetSuite implementation success is measured by accurate deployment and its efficient alignment. The actual NetSuite implementation process demands stringent scrutiny. There are many industries out in the market still struggling to receive the actual benefits of a successful implementation. They are still in the process of finding solid solutions to rejuvenate their operations with proper implementation success. 

Any implementation failures will restrict you from enjoying the benefits of NetSuite that hides within. 

We have found mainly 4 interesting aspects that you need to consider before binding down into the NetSuite ERP implementation process in the long run.   

Following are the four most important tips that you avail advantages

1. A Deeper Understanding of Business Processes and Pain Points

Before embarking on any implementation process of any other ERP solution, you need to understand your business and underlining pain points. The businesses and NetSuite implementation partners need to follow an unbiased approach towards business requirement analysis. You have to develop intensive models to understand each business process and associated challenges while aligning the same to your business. 

Take the BRD for multiple reviews before proceeding with the implementation process to ensure its credibility.

Tips in a Raw

• A thoughtful plan to tackle the challenges serves the most benefits.
• Make the third party assessment more transparent.
• Build and tackle strategies to accomplish unique business goals with NetSuite.

2. Partnership with the Best Implementation Team

Another important aspect to achieve implementation success is to have the best implementation partner with an established legacy on rendering NetSuite implementation services. If you’re in the hands of a good implementation partner you are going to benefit with reliable solutions. They know exactly about the specific needs and associated challenges of a business. They will potentially build custom solutions to accomplish implementation success. And minimal chances of implementation failure.

3. Peerless Implementation Methodology

A peerless NetSuite implementation methodology to approach success is the creation and maintaining of a proper implementation methodology. This methodology should define organizational principles and approaches to execute ERP implementation. 

It is preferred to follow an agile methodology to run a full-scale NetSuite implementation.  This helps you to test and approve diverse parts of the project with respect to its progress and completion. It offers tremendous flexibility and transparency for your organization as well as the implementation success.

4. Effective Implementation Plan

Planning makes the implementation better. If you have a well-established plan in your hand which makes the process easier to serve.  The implementation plan should be accountable for all the aspects of implementation from BRD to post-implementation support. The creation and execution of a well-established plan will drive you to save time, resources and money spent on the NetSuite implementation project. Remember there might be hidden risk factors and challenges. Hence, be prepared enough to accept new and better solutions at any point during or after implementation.

NetSuite implementation is a quite complex process. The success of every implementation depends on the accuracy and completeness. The business needs to be accurately aligned with the NetSuite software and the employees need to be properly trained to handle the processes in NetSuite. It’s true that NetSuite can make wonders in your business with powerful transitions and processes. However, it does not happen in a day. It requires thorough planning, efficient resources, proper communication, and expert solutions to fit perfectly within your system. Make sure you follow these steps for an initial pull of your business with NetSuite. 

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