7 Sep, 2020

What Is A Cloud Based Solution?

A cloud-based solution is one of the frequently demanded applications with major functions like maintaining computer networks, storage, or resources accessed through the internet with a shared cloud computing infrastructure.

Cloud-based solutions holding an effective mechanism to maintain the end-users and businesses. It has efficient methods to structure increased business performance, process efficiency, scalability in business operations, efficient functionality to accelerate growth, and lowest maintenance and associated costs for IT infrastructure.  

A Cloud-based solution can generate revenue by eliminating the time and money that has been spent on time-consuming and least important business tasks. The higher-end demand for the business cloud-based applications caused the price points to become affordable to every organization. 

Cloud Computing has innumerable benefits, which helps the hosts, as well as the customer, is a demand-driven business environment. 

The users can grab the benefits of features aligned within the host. The key security features consist of positive point access with the lowest access time, allowing quick downloading and uploading of data. 

Cloud-based ERP solution has extensive data storage facility with easier accessibility and highest security. 

Why Cloud-Based Solutions Important?

Cloud-based solutions are efficient enough to provide significant benefits to companies that may likely to maintain a fully developed IT infrastructure. It also addresses advancements like cloud computing, mobile devices, social media, and data analytics as it was the sole responsibility of the IT department now turned to be in the hands of business decision-makers to maintain a cloud infrastructure to maintain the success of their business. While making a transition to cloud-based solutions the errors associated with crashing of servers, remote working limitations, and associated chaos causing system failures can be maintained very efficiently through a platform that can be accessed from anywhere.  

The following are some of the important reasons to maintain a cloud-based solution for business.

Cost-Savings and Investment
Disaster Recovery
Collaboration Efficiency
Document Control

5 Reasons to Choose a Cloud-Based Solution

Business is not constant, change and progress are what defines the business. A cloud-based solution is the next generation of technology which brings better outlay to stay in demand with business and its operations. The following are the 5 reasons that warn your business to choose a cloud-based solution.

1. Cost Savings: Cloud-based solutions are economical. We can retain the system without investing much in technology and other upgrades.

2. User friendly: The system is highly user friendly and follows simple operational procedures.

3. Automation: Higher-end automation can be available with these business processes.

4. Storage Capacity: It stores data on a cloud system, and allows efficient storage and maintaining of data via the internet. This service is delivered to on-demand and just-in-time capacity an innovative d costs, and it dispenses the need for buying and managing data storage in a cloud infrastructure.

5. Agility, Flexibility, and Scalability: It allows the users to switch applications more quickly with a more updated technology and innovative business strategy.

Important Features of a Cloud-Based Solution

Several factors determine the cloud-based solution and empower the process of turning and success. The following are the characteristics of a cloud-based solution.

1. Resources Pooling

Resources pooling is one of the important characteristics of cloud-based solutions, it can serve multiple clients with scalable solutions.

2. On-Demand Self-Service

The solution allows space for on-demand self-service options without any other hindrances. It renders services as per the consumer request, for instance, the consumer can be easily managed to adopt the environment by serving the needs by themselves.

3. Easy Maintenance

Cloud-based solutions can be managed very easily.  It is very easy to maintain without any outside support and service deliverance. All the processes can be maintained very quickly while adapting to any of the dynamic business environment.

4. Large Network Access

Another important characteristic which a cloud-based solution possesses is the largest Network access, which ensures the highest safety and security for rendering services to organizations having the largest network and systems.

5. Availability

The availability of cloud-based ERP solutions is higher than compared with others operating on the same field rendering similar services.

6. Automatic System

The cloud-based solution accelerates system automation and functions in a very effective way. Automation enhances process effectiveness and improves performance. It also undergoes automatic updates from time to time providing enhanced well being for a system environment.

7. Affordable

Another important characteristic of a cloud-based solution is that it is very handy and affordable. These solutions are economical and cost-effective while comparing with similar other ERP solutions with lower maintenance as well as a minimal investment cost.

8. Security

Highest security is one of the exceptional features held by a cloud-based solution. The data stored is stored in the cloud system. This system is monitored through centralized security. It follows efficient disaster recovery plans, that has managed in one place with easy implementation and accessibility.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud-based solutions have several advantages, which make them be chosen over other available solutions.

Maintaining Your IT Systems

Cloud-based solutions are essential to maintain your IT infrastructure running inside your business. It allows for efficient maintenance of the system and effective business efficiency.


Scalability can be easily accessed via a cloud-based solution. It has the capability to scale up business growth and future progress and thus enhances business performance.

Business Continuity

A cloud-based solution helps to gain Business continuity. It ensures business continuity by following specific patterns of business operations and processes.

Collaboration Efficiency

Cloud-Based solutions help to attain process efficiency through collaboration and processes. Efficient collaboration brings effective results to bring efficiency to business operations and actions.

Flexibility of Work Practices

Flexibility across business operations is one of the important things that any organization looks forward to attaining the business process. It automatically responds to system updates without any manual intervention.

Cost Reduction

These solutions help to optimize aligned business operations, thereby the business can reduce the direct access costs and other maintenance charges, as well as additional investment costs.

Data Security

Cloud-based solutions are highly secure platforms, ensure data integrity and security in all levels of operations. It has a broad set of applications, technologies, and associated structures to ensure high-end data security.

Disaster Recovery

These systems allow data recovery on remote working platforms. It assures more of a higher operational level structure and a pre-built center to scale up or scale out the process with respect to specific customers.

Competitive Edge

Businesses can gain competitive advantages with cloud-based solutions and allow efficient management of advanced customer relationships through big data analytics. It also allows to make efficient business decisions with cloud support systems and enhanced business collaborations.

How NetSuite Helps in Running the Business with Cloud-Based Solutions

NetSuite can create competitive advantages for businesses that would like to run business in a cloud-based solution. It has wider application areas and it integrates all the business applications and processes wrapped in a single platform. Some of the key functions you can avail with the NetSuite cloud-based solution  are mentioned below;

Accounting and Operations

Financials constitute the backbone of the business. A well-designed platform is essential for the accelerating functions of a company. NetSuite cloud-based ERP helps to configure the following functions inside a business including financials, order fulfillment, product purchasing, inventory management, time and HR, and many more. These functions integrate for driving efficient management of accounting and business operations.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

NetSuite CRM depicts a comprehensive view of customer data and facilitates easy management and thus enhances the business and generates more revenue.  NetSuite CRM helps in unifying processes such as automation of sales and marketing demands, customer support, and so on. The customer visibility helps to forecast results for maintaining a better understanding of the future.


NetSuite cloud platforms are having highly efficient eCommerce features to generate business online. Nowadays, Online divisions are essential for maintaining effective results as it profusely deals with business and functions across the online platform. It is efficient to maintain an equilibrium with customer self-service, integration of inventory, accounting, sales support, and so on.

Business Intelligence

NetSuite provides real-time data by analyzing various business demands and trends through a single system of records. 

The preconfigured data published across the dashboards and KPIs enables the companies to customize the analytical capabilities and features running across the business.

NetSuite business intelligence can be easily created, used, and managed by anyone in an organization to make them faster and efficient decision making.

Business Process Management

For companies maintaining higher business growth, NetSuite creates, streamline, and alter business operations and processes.

NetSuite provides a dependable platform, which is flexible enough to make efficient customization and automation of business processes by using and workflow systems across the various areas of business on marketing, sales, service finance, and many more. Organizations easily adapt to the changes with effective approval chains based on the stipulated needs of the business and organizational change.


Cloud-based solutions are effective in managing the business process. While keeping the pace up with business growth, cloud-based solutions are taking a huge turn on strategic solutions and running the business in a line across various departments, business architectures, and functioning to optimize the functions and collaborations.  

With the effective integration and compilation of cloud-based solutions, businesses can effectively earn themselves for adding prosperity, cost-effective growth, and enhanced competitiveness.

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