22 Oct, 2020

ERP Software for Start-Ups

ERP is the business vertebrae and investing in a powerful ERP solution is going to add value to the business and determine the pace of its progress and growth. Still, there is confusion existing among leaders who run start-up businesses. They’re in a dilemma whether it is a mandatory thing to own ERP as the investment that counts a little.

Even though most of the startups run their singular platforms and comparatively are smaller than their competitors still a comprehensive set of processes and operations which need to be managed effectively in an organized way. ERP Softwares helps in making start-up businesses more efficient and profitable by unifying and centralizing the databases. 

ERP software also improves the operational strengths by converging information across various departments including sales, finance, inventory management, and distribution, and other such areas of business.

Why Do Startups Need ERP Software?

The exact duration of an ERP implementation solely depends on the requirements of the startup venture and associated challenges. The following are the factors showing the need for an ERP backup.

Gaining Operational Efficiency

ERP software helps to improve process efficiency by data consolidation into a centralized location with sufficient business automation. ERP software helps startups in the process of sales and purchases, fulfilling orders, inventory distribution, financial process consolidation, and so on.

Prevents Data Duplication

There is a higher chance of occurrence of data redundancies and duplication if the process runs manually through employees. It is important to prevent these errors and data duplications thus we can save time and associated confusion in the future caused by these data entry errors. Upon the implementation of ERP software, it works by optimizing operations and eliminating the data entry errors, and minimizing the impact due to data duplication.

Complete Understanding of Business

ERP ensures a complete understanding of the business process. It helps to make smart decisions by understanding the startup’s performance. By analyzing a company’s data by generating reports and also helps to gain deeper business insights fit into your business.

Simple Factors to Consider Before Choosing an ERP for Start-Up Businesses

A start-up can indeed receive numerous benefits as same or else more than from a larger business entity. However, while choosing an ERP solution for a start-up environment, consider these 4 important factors. Best results always depend on the suitability of ERP software which we own


Startups are growing firms. So what counts most is the affordability of an ERP solution which can perfectly suit the business. Cloud ERP solutions are cost-effective and allow easy installation and maintenance. And very convenient.


A user-friendly ERP software brings more results. Hence make sure the software you implement is customizable according to your convenience. Implementing ERP is a long term investment. Therefore get familiar with ERP soon after the implementation. Choosing a simple interface ensures quick and effective use of ERP.


Startups are growing and maturing every day and won’t retain small as its initial inception. So choose an ERP solution that can be adaptable to the dynamic changes in the growth of your start-up firm.

Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

Startups needed to work upon VAR so it is a considerable factor while selecting software. A VAR helps the ERP solution to meet the needs of the entire implementation process.

How ERP Helps Start-Up Businesses?

ERPs are extremely important in today’s world. So what is ERP for small business? How can your ERP experience for small businesses in India be optimized? ERPs can be used as a management tool, customer relationship building tool, employee productivity tool, and more. Soon, they will be the lifeline of your small business, if you play it right.


1. Easy Management of Business Financials

ERP allows the easy management of business actions and functions. Helps the start-up to plan for the future by constructing an efficient business plan. Efficient consolidating and financial management going to strengthen the business and keep up with financial health. Efficient reporting and analysis help to forecast future challenges and helps to enable techniques and methodologies to tackle the problems.

2. Risk-Handling

ERP is a reliable system to provide accurate information consequently reducing risks with easier management of data. It also empowers businesses to make efficient decisions by forecasting and analyzing data which also helps the businesses to avoid emerging risks.

3. Coordination of Activities

Its integrated platforms provide centralized and optimized operational strengths for the business. It helps to boost the coordination of different departments and seamlessly authenticate business activities. Direct monitoring and optimization of activities increase business efficiency and accountability.

4. Better Customer Relations

ERP always helps to retain better customer relations by fastening the process. Better customer relations always accounts for the best business growth and development. Customers account for the core business strength and a company’s future is dependent on how they are working on maintaining and achieving customer satisfaction.

5. Forecasting Demand and Supply

An ERP mainly functions to foresee the demand and supply of the organization. It also deals with functionality, analysis, and professional demand planning along with the price setting and studying demand and supply for making orders. They formulate future demand with the help of statistical analysis, business sense, events, as well as salesforce evaluation. ERP also forecasts future sales endeavors by factoring in buying patterns, updated trends, inventory, and consumer behavior.

How NetSuite ERP Helps in the Transformation?

NetSuite ERP operates on a cloud platform having extensive features and functionalities. Small scale or Start-Up ventures can gain the best results from this. NetSuite can streamline business operations to achieve competitive business advantages. NetSuite ERP is a highly flexible platform with easy customization and integration functionalities. With the right tools, configuration, and customization it can be effectively used to address the business concerns of start-up businesses. 


NetSuite unifies ERP functions, CRM tools, PSA, and eCommerce capabilities in a universal platform. In fact, with the extensive integration capabilities, NetSuite also can connect with legacy or other third party applications owned by a startup.  NetSuite is comprehensive enough to catch up with the flow of any industry-wide challenges. It can also work with any business verticals that would be a major concern of start-up businesses including scheduling, service management, inventory management, and job costing. It also can be fitted with production/manufacturing management, RMAs, and MRP. You can even use it for sales commission calculation as your business will.

Aside from the vertical-specific functionality, the costing for NetSuite ERP is comparatively lesser while considering others run operations in a cloud platform. The costing is also dependent on the number of users as it depends on the subscription rates. 

There is always a biased bias that exists across the minds of people regarding the ERP investment. For many, they think that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is designed for companies with higher growth rates, market share, and employees and helps them to run their business without any chaos. However, even business helps in the process too but it is also a useful tool for small and start-up businesses to ease the operations and to tackle the emerging and unique business problems.

No matter what industry your startup business serves, it is worth investing primarily in an ERP solution that can scale up your business operations and determine growth and progress. NetSuite ERP is an ideal solution for the growing business firms even though they are starting from scratch. NetSuite ERP offers a bunch of operations in a single platform. NetSuite provides various applications such as ERP, CRM, PSA, and eCommerce capabilities on a single platform. And the efficient flexibility for customization and integration capabilities helps to take up the business to the Next level accordingly with your growth journey. Let’s wipe out the bias together and go hand in hand with achieving business success together.

Isn’t always about hard work but the wise decisions that we owe to Jobin & Jismi help you to transform your business with NetSuite ERP. We have an expert team and customized methodologies for achieving the best business results. Drop us a message to know more about our service capabilities which your business can benefit from contactus@jobinandjismi.com