NetSuite – Data Caliper Integration for Custom Reports over SFTP server


Client Portfolio

Jobin & Jismi was approached by a pharmaceutical wholesale distributor company based in the US. The purpose was to integrate NetSuite Reports with DataCaliper, a third-party system used for analyzing diverse information. The client has a unique distribution business that offers a different way of delivering generic items to care sites. They also offer special products and services from various manufacturers. 

Problem Statement 

Our client wanted to export NetSuite reports to DataCaliper using an SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) server. The reports that had to be sent include Active Contracts, Customer, Item, Receipts, Sales, Purchase, Vendor and CB (Chargebacks) reports. They had to also send the Chargebacks reports file which they are holding along with the reports.

What We Suggested

To fulfill the client’s needs, we devised distinct custom reports through the integration of NetSuite with DataCaliper, the data would be routinely transmitted via an SFTP server. We created a field for storing the client’s chargeback file. This would be taken and shared along with the custom reports. The file would be replaced daily to minimalize storage space. Our solution involved the following steps: 

1. Custom Reports Creation:

We crafted distinct custom reports tailored to different records. 

Each report will be generated as a separate file, facilitating easy organization and access.

The file names will follow a nomenclature format so that it can be easily identified.

2. SFTP Server Integration: 

The custom reports will seamlessly reach the DataCaliper system via a designated SFTP server, ensuring data security and a reliable connection for data sharing.

This process will occur on a daily basis, promoting real-time data updates and accessibility.

3. Chargeback File Storage: 

We have implemented a dedicated field to store the client’s chargeback file.

The chargeback file will be included alongside the custom reports for comprehensive data sharing in a single email.

4. Daily File Replacement:

To optimize space usage and ensure data accuracy, the chargeback file and created reports will be replaced daily.

This practice avoids unnecessary clutter and enhances overall system efficiency. 

Customer Success

By implementing our solution, the client achieved several key benefits which includes: 
Automated File Generation: Boosted efficiency and accuracy through automatic creation and sharing of reports.

Organized File Naming: Each report receives a personalized file name for easy identification.

Daily File Replacement: Files are refreshed daily to optimize storage space utilization.

Comprehensive Data Compilation: Different records and data are collected and shared in a single email each day.

Key Achievement: 

Achieving 99.9% accuracy in data reports.

Receiving various records in a single email.

Way Forward 

Jobin & Jismi prioritizes customer satisfaction by thoroughly understanding client needs, delivering effective solutions, and giving real benefits such as improved operations, centralized data management, automation, and risk mitigation. Based on significant client feedback, we are confident that our collaboration has enabled them to achieve their objectives and lay a solid basis for long-term business growth and profitability.